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Stats from Play Money - new user

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  • Stats from Play Money - new user

    Apologies, I couldn't cut & Paste from STATS box but these are my genuine stats. Why lie...after all I want help!

    Hands dealt...20
    2 out of 4 Big blinds = 50% (only played those two as I limped)
    0 out of 4 small blinds = 0%
    2 out of 12 times in other positions (Button raise limp) = 16%
    total of 4 out 20 = 20%
    pots won @ showdown = 0%
    Pots won without showdown -2 ( both from button with 3/4 sized C Bets )

    Help or criticism please.



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    Hi BCUK69
    Welcome to pokeschoolonline.
    We have some great features for members and this link will help you find yor way round.
    Regarding your stats,one of our a hand analyser's could best help you and i will ask one of the team to take a look for you, although it may take a few hours untill you get a reply.
    Again welcome and good luck.


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      First off, congrats on two points:

      1 --- Using the play chip side to develop your game
      2 --- Keeping a record of your play

      One game is a bit hard to read, and with such a limited number of hands. Your best bet is to continue amassing these stats until you have either a thousand hands or one hundred similar tourneys. Then post the totals and we can give some guidance.

      I would suggest you use a simple spreadsheet program with the information listed in the stat box. If your play is tourneys, you can get these stats after you're eliminate by not closing the table's tab. This is how I get mine. (See Stats to Drown In in this section) If you play ring games, use the sit-out option before closing the table. You can than copy your stats.

      As to copying, unfortunately there is no way to do that. Play chips is even worse since the site keeps no records for past games.

      Your spreadsheet will take about ten columns and approximately ten to fifteen minutes of work. It will pay dividends once you get sufficient information.

      BTW: I'm not that expert the moderator said would be giving a look at your numbers, just another player who is trying to improve his game the same as you.
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        Hi, I agree with Cairn, there's really nothing to comment on here largely because the sample size of 20 hands is way too small. Your numbers seem to fall well into normal parameters for 20 hands. If there was something extreme in there it might be telling... like if you had played 18 of 20 hands I would say it seems you were a bit too loose. But that isn't the case here. Keep tracking, if doing it manual Cairns spreadsheet idea is nice, and when you have a much larger sample patterns may begin to emerge that can indicate leaks or problems to work on. Kudos on making the effort, it will help. umbup:
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          Hi, I am sorry to piggyback this thread but I didn't want to clog up the forum with a new one and my question is quite similar to the thread starters...

          I've been playing for about 2 months now in play money attempting to see if playing real money is a viable option for me...

          I've read the first 4 lessons in poker school and did ok with that and now I'm beginning to play the PS freerolls...

          I've played about 20 STT play money sit/gos and have won 5 and cashed in several others so it seems that I'm doing ok. I've also won a couple of 18 and 45 player STT's as well.

          My question concerns the bigger tourneys and I'd like to get an average flop percentage stats are similar to the thread starters over about 10 of the hubble freerolls and the PS open league you know both of these tourneys have 9 and 10 thousand players...the highest I managed to finish in a hubble is 177th place and I can't break 1000 in the open league tourneys...

          What is happening is I'm following the starting hand guidelines(not verbatim but consciously)and I'm simply being blinded away...I spend most of the time in tourneys fighting and clawing as a short stack...

          It's wearing me down...It just seems like I'm not getting playable cards as often as I tell me I'm not being picked on and that this is normal......

          I do realize that there are a lot of maniacs out there playing every hand and I'm not comparing myself to them...but, again it does seem like I'm getting less than my share of playable cards...

          So, what is a reasonable flop many times should I be seeing a flop on average?

          Thank you...I'm dying over here...


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            First off, the old hedgehog is American. Since I cannot play for cash, my opinions are considered (expedive deleted) worthless on this site.

            That said, you've already discovered one important fact. Games are different. Each has a dynamic to it. You have to learn how each game works.

            The SNG games have a limited number of hand, so you have to maximize every good one. When a playable hand comes, you're continuation is in question.

            Those larger field games will require more chances. You are hoping for the maniac and strong hand to hit so you can double. I always seemed to miss out on one or both of those important ingredients for deep play too. When I could play cash here, that is exactly how I lost most of my MTT games, being blinded into oblivion.

            I'm dancing around your question a bit since I don't know your style. If you're shooting for a reasonably tight style, I'm thinking you'll want to hit within a 20 to 25 percent range. This would most likely involve expanding your range to include hands in Group One through Four category. Try seeing cheap flops whenever you have face cards and suited connectors. Be ready to bail if they miss on the flop or get too expensive.

            Don't know where it is in the lessons, but I know you can find the hand grouping via an internet search. These offer general guidelines for play. As you go along, you'll learn about the table reads, and will push hands beyond the initial flop.

            Poker is as much a game of luck as it is skill. The card distribution is normal over the long haul. Unfortunately, every game is a short term event. That means you'll have some long streaks where nothing hits and times when you're cards are golden. Like you, I too wish the first were not so often and so long, while hoping the second happened more often or when I need it most.

            Another thing to remember about those longer tourneys is that you want to be super-tight early, and open your range as the game progresses. Problem is, nobody clearly defines early. I like to think early as pre-ante.

            Not a hard and fast rule here, but try this idea. First round, only group one hands. Next two rounds, expand to include group two hands. In round four, add any face+ace, two-faced, or suited connectors, but try keeping it cheap. If you make it to the ante, start expanding one group per round until you reach your comfort zone.

            You'll still do a lot of crash and burns, but learning when to expand and when to restrict your hand selection has a lot to do with how deep you go.

            As I've said earlier, every game has its special dynamics. Your style might be excellent for the STT, but that same style will suck sewer water in MTT. You'll need to learn a bit about adjusting your game style for the type of tourney played.


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              Hey, thanks alot...that is helpful advice... I'd classify myself as rather tight...I buckled down last night and basically did what you advise here and made it to 777th in a 10000 players PSO freeroll... I did spend the entire time below average stack and got lucky on a few coin flips...but that gave me a whole lot of confidence... Thanks again Cairn... there's another one starting in 20 mins... I'm aiming for top 500 this time!!umbup:



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