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Bankroll Management

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  • Bankroll Management

    So I would like some suggestions guys I have gone back to bankrollmanagement again since I had to use my bankroll for my private life and started once more with 1c/2c and quickly moved up to 5c/10c which seems to be able to beat quite well and now I went up to have a total of a bit more than 400$ from the initial 75$ about 1month ago. I am puzzled as my initial quest was to move to 10c/25c when I reach 1000$ so 40stacks but I thought of maybe moving before, but if I should how much before.

    I used a 20stack for 2c/5c and 30stacks for 5c/10c though 40stacks for 10c/25c seems a bit too much.

    Should I try to move lets say when I have 35stacks or so?

    I used an always bigger stack ratio in order so have a bit more cover just in case if I do not adapt to the level but seem to have adapted well and playing v well now. I realized my previous flaw was that I ended up thinking that more tables was more money and now play between 4 to 6 tables and use pot management and a much better starting hand strategy plus a good hud programme.

    I would like to know your view of my questions, thanks.


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    Thanks for the answers and views guys... helpsful


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      Originally posted by etipac View Post
      Thanks for the answers and views guys... helpsful
      Hi etipac, Sorry man, didn't see this thread until now. I'm not the best person to be giving out Bankroll Advice as I'm more a recreational, just for fun kinda player. I can however give you some links to some of the basics of Bankroll Management material. Check out this >>Link<< and also this video which you might find useful.
      Again, this is just the basics, hopefully some others members can help you with some of their experiences of BM. Raiser umbup:


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        Hi etipac,

        I certainly don't feel qualified to give an answer on how to manage your bankroll which is why I did not respond. From your earlier threads you were consistently crushing 25NL so it might be +EV to take a shot before you reach 40 buyins.

        Personally though I follow a more conservative path.




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          Hi etipac,

          I too hadn't seen the thread until now. I'm perhaps not qualified to give expert advice but I will give my two cents. Really it's just a few questions I asked myself when defining my roll and when to move up.

          Firstly I would ask you how much would it hurt you if you lost your enitire roll on stars? Could you afford to reload? If the answer is no than a more conservative route of 30-40 stacks is going to be the best route imo, intending to move down if you get to say 30 stacks of the lower limit(so that you are sufficiently rolled when you move down).

          So for example, you move up to 25nl with 30 stacks, $750. You hit some run bad and can't really get to grips with the new level. Before you know it without doing much wrong you are down to $300. You have 30 stacks for 10nl so move down to rebuild your roll and analyse your play, then move back up.

          Another question I pose to you is, how much would it hurt you emotionally if you lost 5, 6, or even 7 stacks in one session? If you were playing 25nl with $750 and you had a bad session and lost say $150 would it affect your mindset? Could you continue to play your A game with only $600 in your roll? If no then maybe you need a more conservative BR management stragety, 40+ stacks.

          Personally I find it quite hard to deal with losing my money, it's just something about me. I really don't take it well and therefore I generally play with 40 buy ins at the current level. I do take shots at higher levels but only when I am mentally prepared and willing to lose the amount of money I have set aside from my roll to do so.

          This could be another option to look at, If you feel comfortable playing 25nl then set 4 buy ins aside that if you were to lose it would not matter. Take a shot at 25nl with these 4 stacks, if it goes well and you build upon it then great you've found your new level. However if at any point you should lose these 4 buy ins then drop back down to 10nl and rebuild.

          This might be a bit long and I might be waffling on but I hope I could be of some help.

          Good luck moving up

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            If we're handing out reasons why we didn't answer the first time, for me it seems you already know your answer and just want someone to tell you it's OK. personally I'm a bit like raiser, more recreational than serious grinder and if in your shoes i would have already taken a few stabs at the next level to judge the tables and would have already known when i would want to move up. evil:
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