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Any Tips on micro pot limit omaha ?

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  • Any Tips on micro pot limit omaha ?

    Hi there . Having been playing holdem for some time , i feel it would be nice for me to add pot limit omaha to my arsenal of poker games .

    I saw Jo Hachem's pot limit omaha video (shared some thoughts but didnt see lots of action on his table) and was wondering if anyone could possibly do a pot limit omaha introduction and the types of hands you wanna get involved in pre flop ?

    How to have a read on players post flop etc etc .

    Help would be much appreciated . Thanks .

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    One link to 3videos key to learning PLO.

    Have fun! And good luck


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      thanks for the link Sentras . Appreciated


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        Any more videos ? Something along the lines of more PL omaha videos would be great .


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          I advice you to go to the videos tab. => Advanced

          there select game PLO.

          Then you will find all videos every made. Trainings, sessions and lessons.
          You can filter it better out if you'd wish to.

          For example sessions, trainings can be selected.

          6max full ring


          Have fun!
          If you watched daleroxxu's videos you'll already have a nice kickoff to PLO Personally I don't really like the PLO videos from the pros as sessions as it isn't even close a resemblance of the microstakes.
          A tight play has to be approached and learning how to play postflop. In PLO microstakes you can easely built the pot postflop and doesn't necesarely have to be done preflop only.


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            once again thanks .


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              I've been having trouble finding resources too - I've got some of the stuff I found on the internet listed in my blog here:

              Mostly that thread's turned into a primer on what NOT to do though, more than on what TO do, unfortunately.

              But right now, at the end of the thread, Joy lists some tips on what she's been finding helpful - and she's been doing really well.

              If you find out anything interesting about PLO, either via first-hand play or second-hand resources, please feel free to add those to the thread - it's for anybody interested in trying to learn PLO who's used to playing NL.

              I'm getting an gift certificate with my fpps tomorrow and was thinking of getting this book with part of it:

              Will likely add some excerpts to that thread if I see anything that looks like it might be interesting to try out - will try to remember to leave a note in this thread when I do.

              GL with the PLO ... it's a pretty ... 'interesting' game, eh?


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                Pretty Drawish game lol to be honest .

                Thanks for the input


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                  Originally posted by TrustySam View Post

                  I'm getting an gift certificate with my fpps tomorrow and was thinking of getting this book with part of it:

                  Very good book. You'll have a firm grasp on the game after reading it.
                  You might be a king or a little street sweeper, but sooner or later you'll dance with the reaper.


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                    Oh hey, thx for stopping by to say it's good I wasn't too sure what to think, because there's just not that many books for sale on PLO. But it sounds like it should help a lot!! umbup: Only 3fpps away from it now (6.70vpps away from my monthly goal) ... I'd have been done hours ago, but apparently it's very exhausting being the world's slowest zoom player, and so I dozed off for a bit there The book can't come soon enough lol. Funny thing with the lower silver star requirements next month - not sure how I want to use the extra time yet, like whether I want to keep playing lots of the same game I always play (for practice, especially), or if I want to spend my time studying that same game more, or if I want to spend more time doodling around at the PLO tables, or checking out tourneys. I like what I play, and I like only playing one thing at a time ... but sometimes it's fun to do other stuff. So that'll be a nice break from routine to be able to play a little PLO on the side - and hopefully not feel so lost all the time


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                      basically when you get a hand... see a flop... and DON'T bluff


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                        this reply wont go down to well, i would strongly say, do not play PLO at micro levels, the main reason being the rake will absolutly kill you, at the micros the rake will be roughy 18bb/100 - so if you achieve a 20bb/100 your profit is 2bb/100 - and with the points you recieve the rakeback wont justify the rake you pay,it might add 1-2bb/100 at the most - dont get me wrong, there are winners with good bb/100. I learnt the hard way, just wouldnt want anyone else to learn te hard way.

                        Just my opinion.



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