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Cash Games (Knowing when to leave)

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  • Cash Games (Knowing when to leave)

    I'm a regular NLHE cash game player ($0.01/$0.02 , $0.02/$0.05) and have recently read a blog where the author advised leaving a table after gaining 25% of his initial buy-in. Just wondering if anyone has a different opinion on this or if this is a good way to protect profit. Thanks

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    I think keep it simple if your winning stay if your losing leave and if its stale and your neither winning or losing leave.

    But how many hands do you need to find out?

    Have you spotted any fish that will pay you off?

    If you'v not spotted any fish are you the fish?


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      Hi matty013

      Thanks for your post and welcome to pokerschoolonline.

      This link will help you find your way round and point you in the direction of all the training material,and live training available to members.

      Regarding the best time to leave a table, there are many views on this and im sure that members will post here what their prefered approach is.

      Thanks again for your post, and good luck at the tables.


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        Thanks for the advice! Definitely good questions to ask yourself.


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          You probably read one of my posts

          I found what works for me
          YES, I will leave the table with 25-50% profit
          I believe in the saying "Take the money and run"

          Some players like to have lots of money and bully the others
          Some like to take advantage of fishes and donkeys as much as they can
          I like to reap my profits and I like it when bullies want to take advantage of me because I have a smaller stack then them

          So it's up to you to find what you like better
          I know I did

          Good Luck


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            In zoom i'll leave and rejoin when I've stacked someone or made 50% of my buyin, I just feel more comfortable that way. In a normal FR game I'll leave if i'm losing and feel i'm playing badly otherwise I stick to the same 50-100% buyin rule unless I feel the table is soft and I've just been unlucky and theres no danger of tilt.


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              Great advice everyone, thanks for the help


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                Back in the good old days of online poker I started playing at 50NL. I kind of fell into this natural rhythm while sitting at a new table. I started out really tight and waited for some cards to come my way. Once that happened I would loosen up and try to exploit my table image. Not too long after that I would usually get up and leave with my winnings.

                I think if you really break down the idea of quickly leaving a table after winning some cash, it is basicaly about this:

                The less time you spend at a table, the less time your opponents have to identify your tendancies and adjust to them. So, if you are constantly table hopping you maximize your level of anonymity.

                This can be advantageous to you if you tend to adjust to your opponents less effectively than your opponents can adjust to you.


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                  When Americans could play, I used a kitchen timer. There was also a loss cutoff point. Once the timer went off, I left the table. Same if my stake went below the designated cutoff point. The time started at one hour. If I had a profitable session, I added ten minutes to the next session.

                  Here's my reasoning:
                  1 ---- We all know the cards can and do change.
                  2 ---- There is a bit of stress playing for cash.
                  3 ---- Addiction is easy.
                  4 ---- There is always later.

                  Whenever that timer went off and I had a profit, it was a great rush. Taking a break, be it for tea/meal/television/walk had a way of clearing the mind and gave me a better attitude. Knowing a profitable session led to a longer one made it a goal for the current session.

                  As to a winning percentage, I've heard a wide range. I shoot for 10% due to my experiences as a table game dealer at a casino. Others here recommend something between 50% to a minimum of doubling their original stake. My suggestion is that you find what percentage you find comfortable.

                  My play was two-folded. I shot for a 10% gain at the end of my session, so I ignored the sharp ups and downs during a session, unless it was a huge downturn. As to my downward limit, it was my initial stake. I didn't reload.

                  Use these responses as a guide and find what works for you.


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                    Here's my opinion about the matter if you care.
                    (Its zoom so basicly you got fish, grinders etc so you can't table select)

                    Besides that I notice that you first off nearly always start with a loss, before you go towards the profit line. The more volume in a session the more chance the graph will go up.

                    So I often get down 200-300BB and then end my session 200-400BB up. This is nearly always the case, unless I leave early then I might have a loss, or when I tilt.

                    The longer you play the more tendensy's you pick up on players and such so you gain more profit each hand.
                    And i used to close my windows when my stack is getting big, but thats really bad. I feel like I get alot more money if I keep it in front me.

                    I play minimum 1000+ hands a session the more the better. I often even am 1000BB up if i play 5K hands+

                    (Recently like monday night I came home drunk. Played NL5. Never played that good drunk. I focused on how they play their tendensees how often then 3bet what their ranges are. It was sick! I lost the first 100hands some BB. Ended the session with about 1200BB up.) Just proving that volume per session > amount of sessions. (a session = leaving a table.)



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