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    I was thinking about to play poker with real money to build my bankroll and I'm consider to be part time poker player. Now, I got something in my mind. What do I need first before I start playing? And how much win rate I need?

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    Ask yourself the same questions you would when going for any job.

    How much do I need to live? (Budgeted expenses)

    Will my anticipated revenues exceed that amount?

    What is my cash flow? (weekly - daily - monthly - sporatic)

    How much working capital will I need to cover any anticipated downswings? (See budget and anticipate six months of zero income)

    Can I cover any unexpected, but probable, expenditures? (car repairs - hospital - legal)

    Is there a significant other or child? (double your reserves)

    These are my first pass on that question. Then do a bit of research into other poker pros. Many have gone from fame and fortune to bankruptcy several times. Are you willing to accept such a lifestyle?


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      Great answer Cairn Raiser umbup:

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        As long I can play wisely and carefully, I will. Besides, I don't have a reason to lose all my bankroll.


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          All I have to say is that Dusty Schmidt, one of the most successfull online cash game players ever, says he would not suggest to anyone to try and go pro online right now. And he said that a couple years ago, things have gotten even tougher since then presumeably.

          Your goal is possible to accomplish still though. Very difficult, but when there is a will there is a way.

          Serious question: Have you ever played real money poker online or live?


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            If you have to ask the question then the answer is no.
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              Although, re=reading your question I don't think you want to go pro (just yet). All you want to do is play real money part time?

              If so, deposit something you can afford to lose and play with a strict bankroll management.
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                Originally posted by Ovalman View Post
                If you have to ask the question then the answer is no.
                I realize that, but I'm not going to take the time to write up a thought out and lengthy reply without: 1) Verifying that assumption AND 2) Seeing if he is actively checking his thread.

                He has 18 posts so no doubt I could look through his post history and answer my own question, but again, it it an issue of time... In the past I've spent over 20 minutes writing up replies that I put some serious effort into just to see the thread go dead and the OP probably never even read it.

                So back to Clinton, I think we could discuss your questions and share our opinions more effectively if you could share personal poker story, like experience level, wins/losses, how poker fits into your life, etc. Also, just want to note that as far as I am aware, unless a Pokerstars Online Pro pops into this thread I don't think anyone here plays poker for a living so consider any advice within that context.



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