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sometimes doing the right thing still gets the wrong result.

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  • sometimes doing the right thing still gets the wrong result.

    I have posted a couple hands here using the Hand Replayer. I posted the first hand because it happened immediately before the second hand. The second hand is really the focus of this post but the first helps to set the stage as far as why I believe the initial raiser in the second hand was acting on tilt. both hands take place in the very early stages of the PSO Open Skill League. okay so now you have seen that here is the main hand. My reasons for playing it this way. 1) I believe the original raiser was on tilt, and therefore making this play with a wide range that I am favored against. I should raise. - Value 2) I Know that if I call instead of raising my hand loses equity in a multi-way pot. Even though I don't have much fold equity on top of the original raise. I believe raising is still better than calling, because I can at least threaten the big blinds entire stack. So I believe I should raise. - Isolation 3) Just calling the raise commits me to the pot and what I have behind would not even be enough to bet 25% of the pot if called by one of the blinds. Not to mention all the possible scary flops that could come. Right now I think my hand is best so again I should raise. - conviction So there you have it. This is why I played this hand the way I did. I stand by the way I played it. I would still love to hear some feedback on my thought process or anything that I may have not taken into account. I think this is a case of the right play getting the wrong result. The strange thing about this hand is My stack was obliterated by the result, but I was still happy. I was happy because I was confident I made the right play. As this is a freeroll tourney, I use it as a learning experience. An opportunity to follow my reads and have the courage of my convictions to make the right play. If I am wrong, I learn from it. If I am right, even if the hand ends badly for me as the case in point, I gain confidence in my play which is more valuable than any chip stack. cheers! citrusfreak

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    Hi citursfreak! If this was a cash tourney and I thought the opp was on tilt, then I'll overshove JJ here. HOWEVER, I would never do this in a league game. The money in the end of the month league standings that I will lose for an early exit will NEVER outweigh gaining tourney chips early in a tourney. Since the risk is not worth the reward, I'm mucking JJ here 100% of the time in a league game. Hope this helps.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      I suggest you search "open skill league" in the forum, you will find lots of info on how to play these tourneys.

      And John is right on the money, JJ is never a shove here, unless you are just playing these for fun with no thought of end of the month standings. Good analysis, but you forgot about the two opponents still to play, and what they might have and how they might react.

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        great read and great play . if u fold JJ there u will never go far in any game . u got unlucky dude . if your call was bad how bad was the AK call ? good read great shove.



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