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Zoom deepstack.

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  • Zoom deepstack.

    Why is it profitable to open with speculative hands like suited connectors when you're deepstacked? I understand that the implied odds against another deepstacked opponent would be huge but I see people doing this against people with 80bb+ from any position and can only assume it has something to do with effective stack size relative to your stack size?

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    You should generally only play speculative hands when the effective stack is 80bb or more. It is usually a mistake to call a raise with a hand like 76s if villain only has 50bb. If he hits the flop, he'll soon be pot-committed, so you have no fold equity if you try semi-bluff raising with a draw, and you won't have the implied odds that come from getting another bet called if/when you make your monster hand (straight/flush).

    Lots of beginners make the mistake of playing "pretty" hands like 76s too often. It's actually really hard to make money with small suited connectors, and you should generally fold them except when stacks are deep and you are in late position seeing a cheap flop against weak opponents.
    For the most part, you are far better off playing value hands that make sets, top pairs and overpairs. The fish that call down with suited connectors, hoping to hit a draw, will lose a lot of money by doing so.
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      I know all that I was just wondering why people with 200bb+ will play them more often in to raises or open with them when not in late position. I understand doing this against another deepstacked opponent is viable because of the implied odds but I still see deepstacked opponents do this against players with only 80+bb which is what I don't understand. Are they just getting deepstacked strat wrong?

      They could of been doing this when they aren't deepstacked I guess but it's happened to me against people I have 50+ hands on with stats that suggest they were playing pretty tight before they became deepstacked.
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        I can only confirm what arty said in his post.
        But you have to bare in mind it is zoom. With other words, either they are tight or they are lose.
        Some people open pretty much any nice looking hand:
        Suited connectors, suited 1gappers, broadwaycards and any pocketpair. thats about their range they open UTG.
        They might have 80BB or 200BB, they just play automated poker in zoom.
        The advantage from suited connectors UTG opening is that peolpe assume you have a strong hand in zoom. because they play way tighter over there. You could nearly say they just fold often enough to steal the blinds and a Cbet with that makes it already profitable very often.
        However with those hands you have it easy to play postflop in my eyes. If call Cbet. If 3bet fold. And you will occationally flop a monster and it will get you paid out then, they don't expect you to hold that. Also those hands make it safer to semibluff to lose mediocre pots, win alot of small pots and win also big pots.
        However they will always give up after a Cbet if the opponant has a small stack like 50BB, because after they call the Cbet, they mostly go with the hand.

        Hopefully this is some insight? So now you gotta do is write notes on who does that and adjust properly.
        A great way to play against them is to 3bet them. Helps you put them better on ranges.


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          Makes sense, thanks. Thought it was some kind of deepstacked specific play but it seems easy enough to do with 100bb. The only advantage of being deepstacked is you can stack other deepstacked players this way when you hit a monster and win huge pots, also you don't have to keep reloading when those c-bets get called or raised.



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