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Starting Hands.

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  • Starting Hands.

    I seem to be having a issue with broadways and medium/small aces.

    At the moment my range is like this:

    EP-MP1: AQ+, 99+

    MP2/3: AQ+, 66+, limp with 22-55.

    LP: A2s+,A7o+,22+.

    I'll limp with suited gapped/connectors and high suited cards in late position when the odds are there.

    I'm not sure where to play broadways or which aces I should be playing. I seem to find both difficult to play post flop because when I connect with the board I usually end up with top pair good-weak kicker which leaves me unsure when someone bets in to me post flop.
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    Theory on the matter is simple. In reality, it's of course not as simple as some stuff depends on the table. There's of course also the difference between cash and tourney play.

    If you're talking tourneys, go watch Spacegravy's videos in the archive. In summary:

    early levels:
    * EP: raise 4BB with 99+, AJs+ and AK; limp with all other pairs
    * MP: raise 4BB with 66+, ATs+ and AK; limp with all other pairs
    * LP: raise 3BB with any pair, A9s+ and AK; never limp

    Personally, I'm not fond of open-limping. When the pot's been opened already, I might limp behind with a pair, but when it's unopened I always raise it up.

    If you're talking about cash games, there's a whole starting had chart here: STARTING HAND CHART

    In either case: look to the right of this post: you should see links for the Cash Game course and the Single Table Tournament and the Multi Table Tournament courses. Starting hand ranges are part of all these courses...

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      A perfect reply from Ov3rsight to this issue.

      Thank you very much


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        Forgot about that chart thanks. I don't tend to open limp, the only time I would think about doing that is if I was in late position with a premium hand and the action was folded to me.


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          You might wanna reconsider that. If you have a premium hand in, say, the cutoff (say QQ) you actually want to build a pot. Odds are the apponents in the blinds don't have a better hand, and that's the case where you want to build a pot. Jut raise to 3BBs and have them put in more chips. If you limp, the big blind gets a free flop and there's nothing worse than seeing your pocket ueens get destroyed by a 3,5 offsuit that flopped 2 pair. Sure, sometimes they will fold to you, but that doesn't matter. Every pot won, no matter how small, is better than a pot lost, especially one that you should have won....
          The Road to Fame and Fortune - Keeping track of my poker semi-career
          Keep up to date: @Ov3rsight


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            That's a good point. If they call the raise and hit a two pair I know they made a mistake and got lucky rather than giving them a free chance to get lucky.

            Gotta keep hammering these thought processes in to my head, bit by bit.

            Thanks for the help Ov3rsight much appreciated.



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