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Tight, or loose?

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  • Tight, or loose?

    How do I know if the player is tight or loose?

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    Tight or loose describes how many hands a player plays. For full ring I would call a player voluntarily that puts money in the pot (VPIP) IN 13% to 20% of the time tight. A nit will have a lower percentage and a loose player will have a higher percentage.

    Good luck
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      Hi there Clinton,

      How do you know if a player is tight all loose?

      Simply watch them, you could download a hud that keeps track of VPIP < how many hands they are playing>.

      However I downloaded a HUd and used it once for 5 mins yesterday and scraped that as I think they are terrible.

      I do not see VPIP to judge a player by, I judge loose calls or raises.

      Dont be misguided that a player who as a tight VPIP would not indeed make a move on a 72 as they will the more you advance through the levels.

      So Vpip is only a guide to whether the player is TAG, NIT or LAG.

      A player playing a high VPIP is not always a loose player,
      yes they are almost certainly playing a wider range of cards for their hole cards, but this does not make a player loose.
      Talking about hand ranges yes VPIP applies.

      hope this helps


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        If you don't have a HUD, then just pay attention to how often a player sees a flop, and also make a note of what hand he had if it goes to showdown.
        On a full ring table, most of the better players will only play 1 or 2 hands per orbit, and they will typically showdown strong starting hands (pairs, Broadways).
        If you see someone who is playing almost every pot, and shows up with hands that appear to be junk, then he's loose and probably quite a bad player.
        Once you've identified which players are loose and which are tight, categorize them further as aggressive or passive. If they mostly bet and raise, they are aggressive. If they limp pre-flop and mostly call post-flop, they are passive. Loose passives (aka fish) are the people you want to play pots with, as they will usually have worse hands than you, and call your valuebets when you hit. Good luck!
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