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Limit vs No Limit Holdem

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  • Limit vs No Limit Holdem

    What are the different the limit and no limit? And what are the advantages and disadvantages?


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    In Limit you can only raise the amount that is the Big Blind (BB), so if the blinds are 1/2 then the maximum you can raise is 2 chips. This caps the betting.

    In No Limit, you can raise any amount equal to or greater than the BB, so again if the blinds are 1/2, you can raise 2, 10, 100 or any amount of chips that remains in your stack.

    I suggest you try some play money games and get a feel for both games. It won't cost you anything and will give you a good idea on how the games work.

    Limit may seem a lot safer for a beginner and it's true he won't win or lose as much chips on each hand but it's a much more mathematical game and needs a different strategy than NL. I play a lot of both types of games and I think that of the 2, Limit is a lot harder.

    At micro stakes Limit, it's no foldem but that is a good thing because players just can't fold even if they don't get odds to call. It's also more frustrating as bad beats abound.
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      Here's a limit game in action. Notice the flush draw on board. In NL you would bet that flop a lot harder so as not to give odds on the flush. In limit you can't do it so my play was to build that pot as big as I could while I was certain I was ahead. If another heart had flopped then I'd have slowed the hand down as I know suited cards get played in these and it's likely someone would be chasing a flush (which they would have odds too)
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        So that means it's not easily to make my opponent fold when I bet?


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          Yes, it's a lot harder to push a player off a hand but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Generally when I play limit I play a tight aggressive game, I chose a good starting hand and bet, bet, bet when I hit. You should always be aware of board textures because you can't push a player off a hand like you mentioned.

          Limit is a far more mathematical game. Calling one bet too many can turn you from a winning into a losing player but bad players play these because they lose chips slower than they do in NL. I feel limit will give you a great understanding of NL play but not vice versa.

          As with all Texas Holdem games (as Mike Sexton says) it takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master.
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            What about the tight and loose table?


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              In all my days of playing limit I can't remember a single time when everyone at the table played tight but as in any Texas Holdem game if you're on a tight table then you should loosen up. In saying that a tight aggressive game usually works, loosen up towards the button and play good aggressive poker.

              I found I could categorize most players into 2 bands, loose passive and loose aggressive and both styles were easy to play against. There were some tight passive's in the game but very few tight aggressives. Playing a tight aggressive game combatted all styles, just bet when you have a strong pre flop hand and keep betting while you think your ahead. All those little pots lost were paid back with interest when you do win on the river as it's no foldem and any combination gets chased no matter how unlikely they are to come in.

              It will drive you mental at times when they crack your sets with runner runner gutshots but overall it's a profitable game so long as you make less mistakes than your opponents.

              There's a good strategy section on the Twoplustwo forum and some very decent players that will help your game. I post there but it's usually to ask questions, not to give answers as I don't think I'm an expert in Limit cash games (although I'm an OK Limit STT player)
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