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  • Loosing Tournaments

    Ok, so I have been playing alot of mtt's lately. And am starting to get angry because it seems like I allways loose the turnament with a monster hand against a category 8 hand. For instance yesterday I went all in with pocket aces. I was then called by two opponents which held AJo and 10 10, and of course the 10 came out on the flop. Another game that sticks in my head is where I went all in as a low stack against a very loose player who had me moderately covered while holding Q 10s and he was holding 46o. And of course 57 came on the flop and the river was a 3. It is just kind of frustrating because it seems like that is the only time i loose a turnament, and it has been happening in every turnament lately. Am I doing somthing wrong, or do I just have bad luck? It seems to only happen in cash turnaments versus freerolls. Anyways if you could give me a few tips that would be appreciated.

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    I know what you are going through it happens to me also but you are not doing anything wrong you are just being unlucky. Some people will blame the site there again not the problem. What is happening is that loose or fish or bad players will call a raise with hands they should be folding not call and they get lucky. We want them to do that but sometimes you get in to bad streak where it seems that it happens every time but it is not necessary means you are doing something wrong.

    If you don't let that effect your game and keep on playing your best game you will eventually get better results. Keep on learning and watch those videos that will help improve your game even more. I can tell you that does not mean the "Bad Beats" will stop but your results will get better. Just don't let those loose players get you down or angry try to keep playing your best game. It won't be easy, I know been there and sometimes I get angry myself still but that is what you must not do.

    Good luck on the felt.


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      Hi twasme919,

      Thanks for your post and a very warm welcome to PokerSchoolOnLine

      We have some really great feature to help us inprove our game, and some great members who are always willing to help us.

      This link will help you find your way around.

      again, welcome, and good luck at the tables.
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        Like you, I doubted the validity of the monster hands. They seemed to get broken every time. The truth is, we remember only those where we lose. Try remembering the last time your pocket aces lost. I'll bet you will remember every detail of the hand. Now try recalling your last win with pocket rockets, every detail. Bet you can't.

        The reason is that we know that hand is "suppose" to win. We forget victories. We remember every defeat.

        Your best option is playing the hands according to the odds. In the long-term, you will profit. The problem is that every game is a short-term incident.

        Let me suggest you start keeping a written record of the top ten hands, groups one and two. After a hundred tourneys, check your results. I'm finding the top hands follow the statistics close enough that I have confidence in the site and the value of these cards.


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          I will add a disturbing trend I have noticed about on line poker and it is this,it seems in tourneys and probably in cash as well although i have not played much cash lately,that there are certain seats at each table that either you can not win a hand against no matter how good your starting hand.I have gotten fairly deep in my fair share of tourneys and at some point always run into the super stack guy that plays everyhand and seems to hit every miracle known to man,I'm guessing that is why he is the super stack because it has been that way all tourney no doubt.I have actually tried to see if my theory of an A seat thru to an I seat or 1 thru 9 seat ranking is possible ,perhaps someone more versed in computer progams and such would care to comment.Do not get me wrong Iam not one of those it's rigged people,just have seen some peculiar things and trends that make me question if it is all as random as it is in the last week I have been dealt qq and ran into qq.have been dealt aces and ran into aces,and in one of the open league tourneys very deep in was dealt kk and ran into kk and AA all in the same hand have played here for about 2 years and is the first time I have seen the like of that type of set up hands anyway just some food for thought and maybe a little discussion.......scorp


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            On the felt, you only control your decisions and actions, not those of your opponents. The results of one, or even a few dozen, hand is immaterial. The success or failure of a poker is directly related to the quality of their decisions.

            Good decisions ftw!



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