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Is it ok ta raise within pot ods?

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  • Is it ok ta raise within pot ods?

    Hi, I don't want to look stupid but if you have - for example: suited cards in hand and there are 2 of the same suit on the flop - is it ok if you make 4:1 raise if you are first to act or first raising the pot? Because if someone calls you get 5:1 or more (if more of them call).. on a reraise you fold... Do you get away with this - longterm wise.. Because since I am running micros I see alot of multitablers who are usualy sticking to their normal play of tight/agressive, so usualy I don't want to just check after the flop(if I have some outs) if I entered the pot while they will fold to any bet if they missed the flop.. curently I am doing well with my more loose/agressive play (because I try to adapt to the table and most are very tight these days) but I dont want to get carried away.. Thanks! umbup:

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    Hi BooRay199! If I want to make a lead bet or a raise on a flop where I have outs, the factor that I need to watch for is that I want to keep my bet low enough so that I get the correct odds in the hand. Just because I have 4-1 odds, I don't want to bet to make it 4-1 pot odds... because then I take what could be a +EV situation and to turn it into a 0EV or -EV situation. If I have a bunch of calling stations at my table, I'll make a small bet that can build a pot, but I don't want to bet too much, so that I get the wrong odds to draw. I also have to look at my position and factor this into it too. The worse my position is, the more likely I am to check, since I'm playing the rest of the hand at a disadvantage. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Thank you for your answer!

      I have one more question about pot odds.
      Example: We are in a micro game with 0.01/0.02 blinds
      And there is 0.10 in the pot. now you make a minraise and pot goes to 0.12, another player decides to minreraise with 4cents.. Now there is 0.16 in the pot and you have 0.02 (8 to 1) to call.. Do you calculate that you actualy have to pay 0.04 for 0.14 pot (3.5 to 1) since there is already 0.02 of your investment in the pot..



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