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Help with building a poker library.

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  • Help with building a poker library.

    Trying to build a collection of poker books and need some advice. So far I plan to eventually read (in order):

    Theory of Poker
    Small Stakes Hold'em
    No limit Hold'em Theory and Practice
    Hold'em for Advanced Players
    Caros Book of Poker Tells
    Playing the Player/How to Read Hands - (Think these both cover the same ground but playing the player is newer?)

    Mostly trying to build a decent understanding of poker and then work on my cash game play so i'm looking for advice on which other books I should get and if there are any in the list that aren't worth getting.


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    The poker mindset.
    All about how your mentality and stuff must be. Really helped my game out! I rarely ever tilt

    If you don't read this book... you not smart


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      try playing 1 or 2 tables , and watching the players.there maybe 25 players in the world who can play 25 tables and win. as far as i can see its all about playing the player and trying to put them on what they are doing , and after u learn how to play basic poker its all about playing the player. read all u want in the end its 52 cards played by people.


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        I agree very much with your view, once you have the basics, playing is much more a learning experience than just reading books about it. My approach is to review a video on the game im concentrating on,befor playing, and then try to apply those principles to my game. If it doesnt work for me, i go back and revise the video's in the PSO library.Im working on spacegravy's vids at the moment, follow his advice and usually end the session in profit.


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          Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand At A Time vol 1-2

          These should be mantatory reading for anyone that would want to play tourneys and get to be a better tourney player.

          John (JWK24)

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            Small stakes hold'em and Theory and practice are good books but not for beginners, so during your learn the basics phase I'd keep those on the shelf. Also add Professional No Limit Hold'em Volume 1 to that shelf, by Ed Miller, Matt Flynn, and Sunny Mehta... a must have for NLHE cash game players imo.
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              Thanks for the advice. Mostly reading Theory of poker, attending lessons and watching videos on this site at the moment until I get a firm grasp on the basics. I'll add Professional No Limit Hold'em and The Poker Mindset to the list for future reading.

              Not really that interested in MTTs at the moment but planned on reading a few in the future if things go well so i'll keep Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand At A Time vol 1-2 in mind.

              Thanks again for the advice!


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                my advice:

                the mental game of poker
                don't listen to phil hellmut by dusty schmidt
                easy game 1 and 2 by andrew seidman (cash games)
                the books by tri nguyen
                hole card confession and pokermath that matters by owen gaines
                tournement poker and the art of war
                winning poker tournements one hand at a time

                the trouble with the older books is that they mostley relate to limit holdem for the cash games that is, also the theorie of poker is a great book but tough to get through. pokermath that matters is very easy to read.



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