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FPP what to spend on

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  • FPP what to spend on

    OK I am not that bothered about saving millions of FPP to buy an xbox or something and would just prefer to reinvest it into my BR

    Question is - what is a good stable way to spend FPP

    I have 10 at the moment and aim for more (of course)

    I see things like the Steps Special at 3FPP but the field is so big for such a marginal type of field (i mean you are basically running a massive field shootout and then entering another one so your odds arent just 300 to 1 and then 300 to 1 again seperately, they are either 90000 to 1 (not accounting for skill of course) and that just seems crazy.

    The Sat to the Sunday Million Sat Rnd 1 at 10FPP seems interesting, 9 seats and 1 spot so not impossible to get but still needs some skill and a nice entry into a good paid MTT

    The Sats to the micro-millions sound cool too

    Any thoughts?

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    You have a lot of options really but need more points haha, it depends how much money you have to how much money you have to spend really, i would recommend the fifty50's if your looking to earn quick points.

    And what to spend them on -
    You have a few options, if your looking to make some quick cash you could play a few satellites for fpp's. Theres good value in the micro millions atm.
    Another option is to get some cool stuff in the store you kind of need a lot for that.
    You can also play the freerolls they generally cost you 10 to 20 fpp's

    Hope this helps


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      Yeah i forgot about the FR

      Just popped myself into one now with 10FPP, 2516 field, paid to 378 with 500 prize pool.

      Its turbo so i will need to act fast but probably for me the best way to spend FPP

      I am not in the bankroll position to really be getting more than a few here and there, possibly 5-10 a day max, so running one of these a day is a good break from the micro grind and since i find myself quite comfortable in large fields, the chance to cash could make it a good investment - we will see


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        Hey there first of all with your amount of FPP you gotta make admn sure you invest them well.
        As indeed the 300 to 1 odds aren't raelly good.

        What I would do with your FPP's. Either as adsthepro777 said invest them into sattelites to micromillions. The feelds will be weak and alot will be gambled by players. Giving you an excelent chance to get in the money.

        All tickets to tournaments you win you can unregister and get it into tournament dollars, which you can use or change to real cash at a 97%rate if I'm not mistaken.

        Personally I sign up to a 5FPP+R tournament to the big 2.20$ for example and don't rebuy, as they'll give their money easely to your AA's. Even thoug this argument can be thrown off it requires some skills in rebuy tournaments and such.

        Otherwise wait for a sunday and invest it in the weekly 2000 grand for bronzestar. (50 FPP buyin) but 2k$ garanteed.

        The 10/20FPP tournaments adsthepro777 is talking about is a bad investment in my eyes. Do the math:

        700FPP = 11$ (Shown as fpp buyin to the sundaystorm)
        So 1FPP = $0.016
        10FPP = $0.16 (Turbo tournament $500GTD 2700avg signups.)
        So lets see 2700*0.16 = 432 Meaning you make profit. But its a turbo increasing the variance.)
        20FPP = $0.31 something simular as the 10FPP
        50FPP = $0.79 Can't review the amount of buyins. But I remember it was more profitable buyin + not a turbo.
        Downside it is 50FPP

        Hope you find something you like.



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