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  • Coinflip

    Hi again,

    how many outs do I need in order to have a coinflip on the flop? How can I get there using the rule of 2 and 4?


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    Following up on this: How can I calculate the odds in 3-way situations?

    Say I have AKo against JTs and 99.

    What are my chances?


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      12outs would get you around 48% to win the hand on the river. Often this is the case with an open ending straight draw + an overcard. Assuming if you hit the overcard you win.

      from 13outs or over you will always get your money in good.
      If all your draws are live.!!

      To calculate your percentages roughly you've got to do your outs x2 for every street.

      So after flop there are 2streets to come the turn and river.
      If you have 12 outs. you'll have 12 x2 to hit your card on the turn and another 12 x2 to hit it on the river. For a total of 48% Thats the easy math for you.

      To see 3way, I don't know the exact calculations. But as there is pocket 99, and blockers to a potential straight of you. I'd say 40% chance to win the hand.

      You'll have to hit your A or K or the 9's win.
      Thats around 43% of the time you'd get an A or K, without the 99's hitting a set.
      And I presume with all the blockers 10J would only have like 5% to win from you if you hit.

      Getting your money in around 38-40% So 3-way thats a good deal.
      If I'm wrong please do correct me
      The % might vary depending if you have blockers to the suits of 10J.
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        I suggest you go to and download their FREE poker equity caculator many of your question regarding odds / percentages are just a couple mouse clicks away. and there's a video in the archives here to help get you started using it. umbup: have fun with your new toy
        May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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          Indeed good point.
          On ****************** they also have equilab there. A free program to use aswell. Does the same thing i presume.

          Calculate your winchances in situations:
          - pre flop
          - postflop
          - against ranges
          - multiways up to 6?


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            is NOT allowed to be opened when Pokerstars program runs...

            """ and download their FREE poker equity caculator"""

            is NOT allowed to be opened when Pokerstars program runs...


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              Originally posted by beautdayStar View Post
              """ and download their FREE poker equity caculator"""

              is NOT allowed to be opened when Pokerstars program runs...
              this thread was from 2012 and when it was made, Pokerstove was allowed to be used while the client was open. Not allowing it was a recent change to the TOS.

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