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Should i be happy with this?

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  • Should i be happy with this?

    Hi Guys

    TID : 635726728 : 100k Depositor Freeroll

    Field : 21,168 (Actual) 27,753 (Actual+Rebuy/Addon)

    I was doing very well with my TAG style, good 28BB and $71,930 in chips.
    Get dealt AdQh in the hijack, 1 limper at $2,500 and i raise it to $10,000.

    Everyone folds but the BB, a quite 70% loose player who decides to push at me all in $50,000. I am not sure if he picks me for a bluff or really has a hand he can win with. Chances are if i caught him in the BB and he plays quite loose, my snap thought was 8s.

    I decided i am ahead to anything except QQ, KK, AK and AA so call the All in. Thankfull doing so would leave me 10BB if something bad really happened but i wasnt making my choice dependant on that.

    He turns over a pair of 9s, so whilst i was close i was still a bit surprised he would risk a bustout to someone who has him covered for such a weak offering, even playing loose.

    Board comes 8cTd4d then follows 8d and for the briefest second i think im ok, my river shot improved from 6 outs (12%) to 15 outs (30%). Whilst i didnt do the exact math right there and then, i knew the 4th Diamond was good for me.

    River comes a blank (2h) and im down to $21,833

    I leave it a couple of rounds before i notice my BB is 9 and see QTh and with Antes at 500, BB at 2500, me down to just under $20,000, this is my time to move.

    I shove, Get called my JK (same lovely fella who decided his 99 was worth an all in but 3 hands earlier) and KK.

    I catch a Queen on the flop (no help just yet) no hearts and it doesnt really get better for me from there, KK takes it (consolation prize that might earlier Villain had to give 20k of the chips he won from me to the winner of this hand)

    I finished in 435th place out of such a large field.

    Now, what I am wondering is... firstly - could my call with the AQ have been wrong?

    And on another note, finishing at 435 in the size of field, even with it being filled with players who could well just be first time depositors with little experience, should I be happy?

    Don't get me wrong, I think I did well but I need to learn what to take away from the experience so that I can do better next time and wondered what others might think to placing at such a position in the size of field in question?

    Thoughts and opinions appreciated - Thanks

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    I haven't done the combinatorics, but you are most likely up against of the three types of hands:
    1 - Hands that have you dominated AA, KK, QQ, AK and KQ.
    2 - Under pairs where you have the short end of a coin flip.
    3 - Ace-rag hands you dominate.

    This discounts two under cards as they are unlikely.

    The combinations of 1 and 2 will out weigh #3 unless they'd get it in with any ace and then its about even.

    The result is that this is an opportunity best passed up if it significantly damages your stack, IMO.

    Good decisions!


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      Good Advice and thanks..

      I honestly think that getting away from hands can be a big weakness... such as aiming for a set to your pair and then deciding to pay to chase it, or flopping nothing pairing your AK but following a call on your C-Bet, decide that its worth continuing to play at it.

      You are right I think here, in a situation where its All-In or bust on a AT-AQ hand, better to play it safe. AK plays better I reckon due to the fact it isnt dominated by anyone else pairing their King but without the chance for it to pair the board it suffers compared to JJ, QQ, KK, AA.

      I am starting to realize that A+Good Kicker is something even with AK you want to see a flop with and playing it all in pre-flop seems to get me into more scrapes than i like where i am either bust or heavily weak from it.

      I suppose what I need to figure out is a way to play AK/AQ/AJ/AT strong to get people involved and also have a plan if someone shoves.

      Aside from having chip cover over my opponent and perhaps a read on the fact that they perhaps only ever go all in on Ax, what advise could one get for trying to find a smart way to get away from these hands without opening oneself up to second guessing and backing off a raise because the opp pushed the panic button?


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        Have a plan before you voluntarily commit a single chip to the pot. What are the likely reactions to your action and what will you do in each situation?

        You need to know where you are heading so you can stay on course. And you must reevaluate your plan at each action as they reveal new information.

        Good decisions!



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