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Online visual tell?

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  • Online visual tell?

    Hi Mods, if this is unsuitable for this forum then please move it but I'd like to gauge opinion from those with a HUD on a visual tell I think works for online players.

    Anyone that has a scary picture as an avatar is usually a loose aggressive or maniac. Pics like the Joker from Batman or the Hellraiser guy etc.

    Can you tell me do the pics match your stats? I'm just thinking I've never seen anyone with one of these pics that is a calling station but maybe I'm wrong. I'll try and track those at my tables who match this.

    If the evidence is corroborated then you can use it a table before your HUD kicks in and gives you a bit of further information as to their play.
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    Interesting concept, i wonder if a players choice of name rather than image is of any particular importance when trying to get reads?


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      You won't get a read of my username as I'm not fat or Oval in shape My name is of my local footy teams football ground. Use of username would be language specific for many names. I do however urge anyone with a table open to observe anyone with a scary avatar at their table. I'm sure they are loose aggressive at the very least. Possible tell? I want corroborated evidence umbup:
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        Damn I think mine may give away what I like to play
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          Hi great question oval, i dont use a hud. I feel that people who use software do miss a lot of visual tells. Does a players name have meaning to their play? Yes sometimes, but as you choose your name at the beggining you can not alter that where as you can learn how to play. Meaning for example a player calls them self big fish as a begginner, but then this player becomes great with learning, how ever this player is still called big fish. I suppose the same can be said for pics, as changes are only aloud the once i think unles you apply to stars support to have them removed but must have valid reason as i did. So in fairness it is safe to say that names and pics have little meaning. However, important tells can be missed such as time tells, as hud users generally click there action and it switches to the next name when they multiplay, or either there attention is drawn away if tiled. Also chat tells, people say things that sometimes give you a feel in to that persons frame of mind. There is a few more tells to online poker, and some not so obvious tells. Generally most games a coule of rotations of a table and im able to build up a quick visual in my head, knowing players locations etc etc all helps. Percieved image is important from our own image to their image, and this helps us with our tells. But in fairness I would not think to deep into it and stay more watching who does what and with what, as that is the rangeing we need.umbup:


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            Wiltshireman is making the exact same point umbup: Usually a name at micro stakes is trying to tell you something about the player. So as you say "BigFish, TopShark, ImAPro" as a name is a great indicataion of what their not. I use a lot of small things like this in my arsenal to give me an indication of the exact type of player they are. I've just realised that those with a scary pic are usually loose aggressive players and it's another weapon I have to get a feel for my opponents. The biggest online tell tip I've found is before you join any game is look down the lobby and see who's multi tabling. Those who have 8+ are ABC rocks while those that have only 1 table are possibly (but not always) poor players. Those that have 4 - 8 tables are your most dangerous opponents. They usually are profitable and with only 4 tables they will be able to play their A game. I don't shy away from them but am always wary and I take a note that they are multi tablers and add in how many tables they are playing. I'm pretty pleased with this visual tell. I'm playing 8+ years but I had a eureka moment spotting it. It's only another small cog in a giant wheel that will help my game umbup:
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              First scary pic stat in 6 max cash limit: 69% VPiP, 25% PFR although only 0.5 Agg Factor. Only 29 hands before he went broke.

              Edit, I'll not name any names just give their stats.
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                I believe SOMETIMES this is true. I have seen many nonthreatening avys (bunnies, puppies, etc.) being pretty solid players imo, and many mean or theatening ones (sharks, evil clowns, etc.) to be pretty weak players in general (not just loose aggro mind you)
                I don't generally play like someone with an empty nest egg though, so be careful what you read into handles. I do however play just like an eyeball so maybe more to the pic thing than meets the eye (pun intended)
                good luck with your endevours. MT
                ps my avy on another site (can't play on stars ) is bart simpson wrapped in tinfoil w/ a trashcan lid hat. it really has saved me from the "rigged" RNG..
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                  my pic is a drunk....hiccup.....what does that tell ya

                  cheers all
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                    Reminds me of this classic blog by Daleroxxu:

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                    Check out my Videos

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                      Nice Blog, but what about those players who don't show an image at all, i wonder what, if anything, they are trying to portray?



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