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    Hope this is the right place for this question. I've played a few SNG games since reading through the basics section of the PSO. I find I'm staying in the games longer but by the time I get to the pointy end of the game I can't compete because I always have the small stack and get bullied out of the pots. Is there anything you can do to avoid/beat this type of thing? I'm thinking it's unavoidable if your not getting enough hands but just incase there's something else I can do I thought I'd ask.


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    The old hedgehog has been in the 27-player SNG chip game since Black Friday. I know exactly what you mean and feel your pain. Most times, I hit the table as 8 or 9 of 9. One thing I have learned is that sometimes the best way to win is not to lose.

    Sounds cryptic, but what I'm saying is avoid those marginal and hopeful hands. Let the other players knock each other off first. I have made the bubble many a time using this strategy.

    Of course, that leads me to a lot of 6 of 6 situations. The thing is to decide which hand is worthy of that all-in push. If you can do it with one or two blinds in the pot, I find many players reluctant to challenge. Nobody wants to be gutted on the bubble.

    I crash and burn here so often I'm thinking my nickname should be bubbleboy. I'll push those mid-range pocket pairs and try seeing the flop as a blind. But like you, if the cards are artic cold, it can be frustrating.

    My thought is that you need to get those chips earlier. The middle phase, (for me that's 18 - 12 players), is when you need to extract the max. You hit the final table higher than 6 of 9, you have more options, including being that bully.


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      Thanks for your post and welcome to PSO. This link will help you to find your way around.

      Thanks again, and good luck t the tables.


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        Hi Gambit! I've been playing a lot of 45-player sng's since black friday (I'm in the US) and that type of situation is something that I've been working on, as it had happened to me many times. What has helped me with it is that I still want to be playing very tight early, but in the middle stages of the tourney, I start to loosen up when I'm IN POSITION. Take a look at the hands that you've been folding, especially on the button in hands with few opps in them. I was playing too tight there in years past and since I've opened up more there, my results have been much better. The other thing that you can do to counter it, is that when I have less than 10-12BB in my stack.. I'm looking for a hand to shove with and be the first one to shove. This will help to maximize my fold equity and if the opps see that I'll play back at them, they're less likely to try to be the table bully when I'm left to act. I'll still get in that sitiatuion when I'm card dead (like one I played last night), but the frequency of it happening is much less. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24) P.S. There are a number of Live Training sessions that deal with SNG's, both on the schedule and in the video library. It would be a good idea for you to attend some of these and watch the videos in the library. They should be able to help you.

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