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Where the money's won ?

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  • Where the money's won ?

    I was getting a little frustrated, folding ok/very good hands to opponents who kept raising and re-raising; I kept thinking they must have the Nuts, and folded.
    Out of curiosity, today I logged the results of 129 hands over a 2 hour period of 0.01/0.02 NLHE to see where the pots were won.
    From this small sample I found:-
    Pots won without showdown (80%), being:-
    Pre-flop 45%
    On the flop 15%
    On the turn 12%
    On the river 8%

    Pots won at showdown (20%), being:-
    1 pair 8%
    2 pair 8%
    3 of a kind, or better 4%

    I'm quite stong pre-flop and on the flop....where 60% of pots appear to be won...but less sure on the turn and river.

    Has anyone ever done a more detailed review of the above (over a few thousand hands)...(and better still would they be able to add the value of the pots one could see where, on average, the money's won and how much. I expect that pots won at showdown, with a hand of 3 of a kind or better would account for say 15% in monetary value, whereas my analysis shows it's only 4% of hands played).

    Just a thought , as I think it might help me put into perspective where, and how much, money is won at different stages in a game of poker (and would it differ markedly in higher stakes games?).

    Interesting if someone had some figures to hand, or could use a database to access them.


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    Can't help you - I play STTs and you have to change gears in a STT so say 77 would be a limp and fold early in a STT when I'm at the bubble or heads up I want to get my chips all in with the same hand.

    What I could suggest is make sure you have your hand histories stored on your PC (Options/ Instant hand history) make sure the box is ticked.

    As long as you have your histories stored, you could make use of the free trials that Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker offer. Both software's will pick up any hands you have stored and you can get a detailed analysis of many many stats.

    I have close to 300,000 hands stored in HEM and I can pick and choose what to look for. After each session I look at spots where I've won or lost big pots and run it through again seeing if I could have done things differently. Many times I'm making the right plays but there is occasions where I've noticed leaks in my game.
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      Thanks....have ticked the box under Options and now I've got my hand histories.
      Thanks Andrew

      How do you get hold of the Poker tracker software that you mentioned?


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        Hi Andrew!

        I'd want to look more at the flop %'s than the showdown numbers (however, they will help too).

        One pair and even 2 pair are going to be very weak hands at showdown. Most boards will have straights or flushes available and these hands will not fare well against them.

        My guess is that you may be seeing too many hands, especially out of position.. and that may be what is costing you.

        John (JWK24)

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          There are a few others including a free tracker on the 2P2 forum although I'm not sure of the legalities of the software so I won't put the link up. If you do a search on google "free poker tracking 2p2" it's top of the list.

          I've never used the software so can't comment although I do own Holdemmanager. It didn't magically improve my game but it has helped me keep track of every hand I've played.
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            You can also check out PokerStars terms of service on the internet. They have an entire section devoted to software aids allowed on the site with links. Many of these have a free trial offer. Check into these and then see which one is best for you. I understand the major ones are PokerTracker version 4 (I believe that's the current one) and Holdem Manager 2. These offer a 30-day trial, which should be long enough to learn if it can help.



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