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Looking for critique - especially on first betting round

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  • Looking for critique - especially on first betting round

    As it says in the title, I'm just getting started, not sure if I played tight-aggressive properly here. Thanks! umbup:

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    My first thought is that the pre flop should have gotten rid of 5-3 offsuit. For whatever reason, he raised and reraised. I'm thinking there was nothing you could have done in the initial round to eliminate that player. He was calling, regardless.

    He hit. You missed. Part of the game. Your only consolation is that he played the hand wrong. He hit a great flop, giving him the open ended straight. The turn gave him the hand.

    Just out of curiousity, did you happen to see him play earlier? If you saw him as a calling station, you made the right play if you were trying to max the chips. You made the wrong play if you were trying to get him out of the hand. Yeah, it's a matter of perspective.

    I would have gone all-in on him too, if that's any consolation.


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      looked good to me, maybe shove the flop and pray. the small flop bet was silly


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        The way I see it, even after the turn, I couldn't have folded, because it gave me a nut flush draw. Make a note on him, and call it "donkey", "fish", or "maniac", with a ? beside it, next time you face him, you can fill in the note a bit better. umbup:


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          Originally posted by kingkong263 View Post
          looked good to me, maybe shove the flop and pray. the small flop bet was silly

          I think he should have been pushing more on every bet round, but that's me. let too many in, and your odds with AA deplete.


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            This looks like it's on a play money table, which if it is means you’re getting called very light no matter what you bet. With that being said I think you need to work on your betting sizes as they seem to be all over the place. Preflop you want a standard raise to be 3x BB plus 1 for every limper. So if 2 people have called the big blind before you act and you have a hand you want to raise, the raise would be 5x BB no matter if it's AA or AQs. If you’re looking to re-raise someone’s raise it should be 3x there raise plus 1 for every caller. So if someone raises 3x BB and 1 persons calls it. If you want to raise it should be 4x there bet for a total of 12BB. Postflop if you’re the first to bet you want to bet at least 1/2 the pot and normally no more than the pot. This will vary depending on how many people are still in the hand and how "wet" (how many possible draws there are) the board is. So if the flop came Ah7d3c and you was heads up, you would raise 1/2 the pot. If the flop cam QdJd7c and there was 4 people still in the pot, it would be a full pot bet. If someone has raised and you want to re-raise again you should be looking to raise 3x there bet plus 1 for every caller. If however they have made a small bet for less than half the pot, I would tend to ignore their bet and just bet between 1/2 the new pot and a full pot. So if the pot was 600 and the player before me bet 50, if I raised 3x it would only bet 150 into a pot of 650 which is less than half the pot, therefore I would be looking to raise at least 325. If however any of your bets are for more than 1/3 of your remaining stack you should be going all-in. Like I said if you are playing at the play money tables you’re going to get people calling you all the way to the river with any two cards, so these bet sizes don't have the same affect. It is however good practice for real money games, and I would suggest you look into the bank builder promotion on this site if your eligible as you will find the play a lot better and it will help improve you game. Good luck on the feltsumbup:


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              Hi xFerok
              Welcome to PokerSchoolOnline, this link will help you find your way around.

              Enjoy your stay and good luck at the tables



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