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Dealing with a shorty

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  • Dealing with a shorty

    Say I'm holding AA in the big blind with a 100 BB stack. Some player in late position move all-in for his last 10 BB. The SB calls. What should I do? Call and trap the SB or raise? If I raise how much should it be? TYumbup:

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    I would always raise here 3x the original raiser +1 for every caller, so 4x in this case. If he calls that’s okay as it builds the pot and he has to pay to draw out on you. If he folds that’s also fine he's donated 10BB to the pot and you get all in with the small stack.

    Calling and trapping has some benefits, but personally I like to build a pot when I know I'm ahead just in case the flop brings a 3 suits cards, or he gets lucky and hits a set or 2 pair. I'm never slow playing A's.


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      Preflop with pocket aces, only two other players, I'm making a snap call. Reason: I'm figuring the short stacker has a pocket pair, most likely tens through ace. I'm beating all but one, and chop on that. Small blind will most likely be in the same position.

      Now lets think of some factors that would make us raise:

      1 --- SB's stack. If I can cover his stack, I'll raise and try forcing him all-in. His most likely response is folding if you have the chips. If we are close, I want to see his reaction to the flop.

      2 --- Knowledge. Unless you just got to this table, you should have some idea what kind of player the SB is. Is he aggressive? You might want to show strength now before he has a chance to improve via the flop. Does he play marginal hands, or just monsters? The better the player, you might want to limp into the flop.

      3 --- My image. Knowing how I've portrayed myself can influence what I will do. If I play lots of hands, calling is expected, so doing the unexpected (raising) might get the hand to a one-on-one, which is ideal while holding aces. If I am selective, calling might send the signal that I am weak, which could be good post flop.

      And before we go much further, always remember that pocket rockets are not golden. If these cards win 85% of the times, then the reverse is true. Pocket aces can, and will, lose.



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