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I want to become a very good player

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  • I want to become a very good player

    Hi this is my first post, I have been playing poker on/off for a while not really understanding the game but I now want to learn how to play like the pros as I love the game. What is the best advice anyone can give me on the best way to learn how to play properly thank in advance for any help

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    Try your hardest not to be a fish.!!
    Play as much as you can, and after 100's of thousands of hands if you break even you have done pretty well.
    Good Luck


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      Obviously the game doesn't come naturally to Chuckky

      Seriously, watch some videos in the Library, ask lots of dumb questions, post some hands for analysis, attend Live Training...and just ask loads of questions.


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        My suggestions:

        1 --- watch the video training sessions

        2 --- practice on the play chip side

        3 --- play as many freeroll games as possible, applying the lessons

        4 --- study your hands, learn why you won or lost (hardest part here is admitting you goofed)

        5 --- correct errors by watching videos on that point (having troubles on a specific point, check the library we have here, bet there's something to address it.)

        6 --- repeat points 2 through 5


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          Hi DBM1986. Welcome to the forum. There are lots of resources here at PSO to help you become a better player.

          There ae three steps to becoming good poker player. Study: there is lots of material available on this site alone. Play: PokerStars has the widest selection of game types and buy in levels. Critique your play: find your mistakes and less than optimal plays, so you can improve.

          Good luck
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            Thank you all for that - There seems to be loads of videos to go through I just dunno which ones to go through first which ones would you suggest as a good starting point?
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              My first suggestion is to start with the basics:

              1 --- learn hand groups and basic strategy

              2 --- learn how and when to bet. (based on everything the members here say, never use the call button)

              3 --- check out your game (ring, zoom, MTT, SNG, or STT)

              Master these before going into specific areas such as "final table play," "bubble," or "head to head." But above all, get experience by playing the game. You eventually have to apply the lessons before you can get better.

              Remember, the RNG is random, so if a hand can lose, it just might. Take those bad losses and accept them. Sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes the bear gets you.


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                Well, that is a very good question, for your second question!!!!!!!umbup: The first ones should be on Bankroll Management, or there is a very basic one on Youtube which lasts about 2 minutes, by Chris Ferguson (which says it all really)...and then, when that has fully sunk-in...... If you play cash games...ask someone else.. If you like Tourney and Sit n Go......look up Spacegravy, or Greyson....a set of vids on Sit n Go, i.e. Early Stages, etc........... Keep the questions coming, and good luck


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                  Thank you appreciate the help umbup: I just watched one vid by spacegravy this man really knows his stuff. I have played tourneys and SNGs before and like them both can you apply the same tactics spacegravy talks about in the SNG videos in tourneys and still get results or do you need different tactics for each of them? Also is there any videos on the maths side of things and does it really help improve your game if you know your maths better? Thanks again for the help


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                    You really must do the basics, and Bankroll Management.....otherwise you will be fooked.

                    I use Spacegravy for the the 45 seat SNG, and 90 seat,,,but play a little tighter than he suggests sometimes, early stages.

                    I havent worked out what to do in Tourneys yet....the Turbo and the longer blinds, are two different games, and I'm not that much of an don't take my words as Gospel

                    Maybe someone more knowledgeable like Cairn can step in here.......


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                      top of the page, Courses, basic course, Bankroll Management, with a quizumbup:


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                        No offense to anyone who posted here, but Bank roll Management is NOT one of the early skills a new players needs to learn. Consider...

                        The purpose of bank roll management is to MANAGE your money in order to ensure the effects of variance do not knock you OUT OF ACTION before your POSITIVE EXPECTATION has a chance to recoup your losses.

                        New players rarely have "positive expectation" at a poker table. Positive expectation comes from knowledge of the game, your experience in applying that knowledge. Because they are new, beginners usually are playing at a big disadvantage (unless their opponents are new players as well...or just BAD ones)!

                        The only thing a new player needs to know to "manage" his money when he does not have positive expectation is:

                        A) How much can I afford to lose
                        B) How long do I want to be able to play on the money I have now

                        Until you improve to the point where you have a positive expectation when you sit at the table, no matter WHAT "bank roll management" you choose to use, you WILL lose all the money you have if you continue playing. You can EXTEND the amount of time it takes to lose all your money by playing smaller stakes with a larger available amount in your Poker Stars "wallet", but just like you'll go broke eventually playing red in roulette, you will go bust-o in poker as a -eV player..

                        Hopefully that extension will last long enough that you WILL improve to be a positive ev player, but if you spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about "managing" your money INSTEAD of learning and practicing the game, you will not be using your learning time wisely in my opinion.

                        Learn the game FIRST, then worry about managing your money so you can withstand down swings.
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                          I agree with you 100%, and not causing aggro...but he is not a new player...he says he has been playing a while on/off....


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                            Thank you weaslebasher I have looked at the bankroll management video and took that in. I played a tourney last night and got put out by QQ against my 99... I dunno if I played it right I uploaded it to the forum just waiting to see what ppl have to say but I enjoyed it umbup:


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                              There is a section under MTT's --Hand Analysis, where you can post it, and if you're lucky JWK or one of the experts will talk you through it in detail......umbup:



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