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I might have to say good bye to poker stars.

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  • I might have to say good bye to poker stars.

    I have been playing low stakes tourneys and low stakes cash games here for a couple of years. Low stakes is almost impossible to play the bad beats are beyond comprehension. I do not have a bankroll to play. I have been trying to build a roll. I have stepped out of my comfort zone several times to test myself and try to bypass the low stakes. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that I can play. Every time I step out of my comfort zone, I get smashed and lose my roll.

    I tried bankroll management strategies, however in the low stakes it is almost impossible to play strategically, because in low stakes games, players simply think, I’ll call what the **** its low stakes. You would be surprised how many 2, 3, 4 outer hands hit. It’s amazing.

    This hand may be the straw that broke the camels back. I’m on full time tilt now (not the site FULL TILT), I on tilt for life.

    I had A6 off (As 6c) in the big blind. 6 players limp in.
    The button had (6h 5h) and does min raise.

    I raise another 4 BB, 3 players fold and the others call.

    The flop comes (Ac Js 6d). I’m first to act and I make a pot bet. I did this to find out if one of the other players had an A. The other players fold. The button flat calls me.

    The turn comes (5c). I lose to a possible 7 hands AA, 66, JJ, 55, AJ or the flush draw (if it comes on the river) or to KQ if 10 comes on the river. I bet the pot again he has to pay to draw out. Because all players limped and only the button min raised, I did not give him credit for having one of the hands that beat me. He pushed all in. I put him on maybe AQ, A10. If he had AK he probably would have raised more pre-flop with so many limpers in the hand. So I figure I beat A 10, and AQ and even A K unless I am unlucky and get counterfeited.

    The river (5s). I had this player beat on every card and he still called pot bets and even went all in on the turn. Low stakes on Pokerstars is really doing my head in. Being polite, I commented NH.

    Then he even had the audacity to say HAHA sucked in. Perhaps low stakes is a sucker’s game. I hate W_A_N_K_E_R_S and I hate low stakes. So I might have to look for another sight.
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    That was a bad beat, and we all get them, sometimes we get lucky and we're the one who sucks out, that’s just poker. As far as I've seen, and I've played close to 20,000 hands on the 2NL full ring tables, there's about the right amount of suck outs. Also I would strongly disagree that they are impossible to beat, I currently have a win rate of 10BB per 100 so that shows you can beat it. I’m far from a professional, and I’m sure I have lots of leaks that could improve that.

    Also about the hand you've posted, I don't agree with the way you played it. Firstly preflop A6o, 6 players limped in and then the button min raises. For me that's an easy fold for a few reasons. Firstly you still have 6 limpers behind you to act, and if one of them was trapping and now re-raises you will have to fold. Secondly you’re going to be out of position for the rest of the hand which puts you at a big disadvantage, so you only want to play your strongest hands that you don't mind playing out of position. And finally you have to think about what your likely to hit on the flop, most of the time when you hit the flop you hit a pair, so with A6o you will either get a pair of A's with a 6 kicker, which in early position will either win you a small pot when everyone folds, or loss you a big pot when a bigger A's in late position calls you. The other scenario would be a pair of 6's with an A kicker, which again I'm sure you agree doesn't look particularly good.

    The other thing I disagree with is your ranging of the villain after they move all-in. After calling a pot bet on the flop and then re-raising your pot bet on the turn this looks very strong, and I can't see them doing this with any single pairs, not even AK. Unless you have a read that they are a spewy aggressive player, this is always 2 pair or better.

    I would ignore AA because I would expect them to be played stronger preflop, and if they did slow play them preflop I would expect them to carry on slow playing them to your big raises. I've ignored J6 and J5 as I can't see them calling your 3bet preflop. This leaves the villain with a very narrow range of JJ, 66, 55, AJ, A6, A5 and 65s. If you put that into the odds calculator on here it gives you about 32% change of winning the hand. So depending on what odd's you’re getting after they moved all-in, this could be a fold or call, but it's worth noting that I would expect to loss this hand more times than I win it in this spot based on their range. Even though there actual hand was at the very bottom of their range this time.

    Keep studying and plugging those leaks and I'm sure you will be beating the micro stakes in no time.



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