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EV OooHPls (Number Input)

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  • EV OooHPls (Number Input)

    SEEKING HELP HERE! Sorry for the long post! Here goes..
    I understand in an EV Calling situation,
    EV = (Pot*Win%)-(Call*Lost%)

    However if it is a re-raise situation.. I keep going in circles as I'm not sure of the value input.. Need help! Here goes..

    Hero on Button QQ(~55%) vs Villain on Big Blind AK(~45%)
    Pot = $13
    Blinds @ $1/2
    Villain bets $6.5 (1/2Pot)

    ($19.5*55%) - ($6.5*45%)= +7.8
    (Hopefully right to this point:X)

    Here's where my headache comes ..
    If I'm considering a 3Bet to $13. Villain now needs to call another $6.5(Regardless good or bad raise for now :X)

    Assume Villain Fold = 40%

    1. Vi Folds
    (40%*19.5) = +7.8
    2. Vi Calls another $6.5 & Hero Win
    Issit.. ($39*55%) = +21.45
    3. Vi Calls another $6.5 & Hero Lose -17.55
    Issit.. ($39*45%) = -17.55
    4. Vi 4Bet..(Am I thinking too much here?)

    Therefore I SORT OF concluded EV of reraise to be..
    +7.8 + 21.45 - 17.55 = +11.7

    The thing is.. I'm not sure if I'm inputting the correct Amount for the red areas.. And do I need to input the part where the villain NOT FOLDING 60% of the time?

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    Sorry, not really sure where you're going with this as no villain is folding AK 40% of the time preflop here to a 3b, and you can't really calculate the EV of the 3B because it's not an all in situation anyway. But the formula if it were all in would be:

    EV=money won (current pot)*% of time Villain folds + money won*% of time villain calls and you win - money lost *% of time villain calls and you lose
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      Thanks Dave. Never knew the EV calculation was not applicable for 3 bet situations. And yea that AK 40% is ridiculous! was trying to get my question posted fast! haha

      Is there a better way to know if 3Betting in a particular hand is a good option besides est range & looking at Fv3Bet%?

      Would be great if I can get some advice here from u!



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