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Give someone a colour code

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  • Give someone a colour code

    hi guys,

    I've been multi-tabling for a while,but i still dont use that colour code yet and im very curious how you guys use them.I dont have enough time to make notes by myself,so giving a colour code is a nice method to track your oppenents.

    How do you guys use colour code ?

    Thanks !!!

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    I colour code everyone at my table and change it if I think a player changes their game.

    I only colour code for Pre Flop play.

    I use Orange for Loose aggressive, anything that's over 10% PFR in the 6 max limit I play.
    Blue is for Loose Passive, anything under 10%
    Magenta for a rock, usually under 10% PFR but also a low VPiP
    Finally I tag dangerous players as Red and are usually Tight Aggressive players.

    I have very few Red's on my players and not too many Magenta's. Orange is by far the most popular but calling stations are plentiful. It's Orange and Blue who I win the most chips from.

    The colours are only good when combined with notes. For instance there are many Blue's that get aggressive after the flop.

    One advantage is you get an immediate read on a player when the game starts.
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      I use the colors for general catagories. One color will designate a player as aggressive, another as "any ace wins," and still another as ATC.

      My suggestion is that you go with a generic list for colors and make any additional information as a note. For example, I had one player colored for "any ace" but a note that said "prefers ten or higher."

      There is a lesson somewhere that describes the way to take proper notes. What I'm doing is far from that. Ask one of the moderators to direct you to the right place.


      • #4
        I know there was a lesson by Dave about taking notes on your opponents,but i didnt remember something about using the colour system.

        I wanted to use the colours for players profile,i mean TAG,LAG,loose/tight passive,Tight(/loose) solid,but i think it's not specific enough to make it clear ,it's too general if you know what i mean guys ....


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          I think that's why they are ideal, you can generalise with the colour coding and be more specific with your notes.
          Bracelet Winner


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            The more colors you use, the more specific they can be (mean) and any color for any style is fine (it only has to make sense & be rememberable by you)umbup:
            May the tinfoil protect you. MT



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