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Implied odds pre-flop

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  • Implied odds pre-flop

    Heey guys,

    I've watched Dave's vid about setmining ( and Dave checked villians implied odds before the flop.

    I dont understand how you can check your odds pre-flop,maybe calculate pot odds because it's around 11% you will hit you set,so the odds 12-1 (correct me if im wrong),but without seeing the flop,how can you know what's villian's implied odds is?

    Do you guys calculate your implied odds till the river or just the turn (too call one street)?

    Thanks guys
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    I assume you're talking about set mining here. The idea is that you hit a set roughly 1 in 8 times, very occasionally this will still be no good and sometimes you won't get paid. So to make set mining a profitable play over a long period of time you want ideally to have implied odds pre-flop of about 15 to 1. This means that the amount of chips the villain has behind plus what's already in the pot compared to what you have to call to enter the pot equals at least this 15 to 1 ratio (keeping in mind your own stack has to be deep enough to get the right amount). The implied odds part only applies to pre-flop, once the flop has came out you either hit or didn't and must evaluate on how to continue with the hand.

    There are some other considerations to make in these situations, the main one being your opponent's style. For example, if the opponent is nitty or very astute and not likely to continue unless he is ahead, this is not a wise target for set mining. I hope this helps explain more clearly the concept. If you still have questions I think Dave is your man.

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      Hmpf...I still got questions even i watched his training vid about odds,maybe i'm going to write a mail to Dave...



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