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    In the second example of the example box at the bottom of the page, my hole cards are 8d and 7d while the flop are 9s, 6d, 2h. There are $61 in the pot and my outs is 8( four 10 and four 5). Why should I call a $17 bet while my odds is less than (5:1) and so my expected value is negative?
    Is that because we should take into account the probability of the further betting of our opponents in next streets?
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    Can anyone answer? Why should we call even when the expected value seems to be negative?!


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      At the point of the $17 bets you are in position with 2 cards to come. Either a 5 or 10 give you a straight and back door diamonds are a slim posibility so you have 8 direct outs plus a few % for backdoors, makes it about 34%-ish (I think, doing it in my head) equity against your opponents range. To call $17 into a $61 pot is giving you about 3.5 to 1 which is fine with 34% equity as you only really need 3 to 1 to make it a +EV play.

      Hope this helps.

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        Hi HaryTradr! In this example, I need to call $17 into a pot that will be $78 (21.8%). I then need to see what my hand equity is, to see if it's higher than 21.8%. If so, I want to call, if not, then I'll fold. I then go into pokerstove to see how much equity my hand has. If I put in a top 20% range for the opp, I have 45.4% equity. If I lower the opp to a top 10% range, I still have 45.0%. My hand equity is much higher than the pot equity, so I would want to call the $17 here. Hope this helps.umbup: John (JWK24)

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          Originally posted by HaryTradr View Post
          Can anyone answer? Why should we call even when the expected value seems to be negative?!
          Hi HaryTradr I agree with you at this point in the hand specifically direct odds on an open-ended straight draw (8 outs) 5 : 1 when you are only getting 61/17 = 3.6 : 1 on your money. Considering your position and two other people in the pot there are some implied odds. Hopefully someone who knows more about this can explain the numbers. umbup: Sorry John over lapped your post.
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