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to C-bet or not to C-bet

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  • to C-bet or not to C-bet

    Do you auto c-bet or not,

    I know that DAve "TheLangolier says between 70 and 80 % (i think) but how do you decide when to bet.

    I ask becuase PT4 has a leak tracker and according to that last month my only leak is to not c-bet enought.

    why well i was cbetting when i had a hand mostly becuase i had observed that most at 2nl c-bet 100 % so assumed that everyone else had noticed too.

    opps over thinking again. so i have picked up my c-bets.

    anyway thoughts on C bets

    Grade b
    I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

    13 Time Bracelet Winner

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    That is a really good question and depends on the format, op, the flop and a host of other variables.

    Sngs I will cbet even if I have not hit if there is 10 up on the flop, it is within my opening range, a raggy board is more difficult without a made hand and I will check but I often check my monsters too so it can mislead opponents. I always bet coordinated boards like 9,10, Q with two suited but feel that could be a major leak when I have something like A9o!

    Cash, I play a much wider opening range but tend to be fit or fold. it works well at 2 and 5 nl but I am way too loose and undisciplined for 25NL and cbeting gets me into lots of -ev spots where i end up losing big. I have been told that this sort of style would be profitable at 200nl upwards but I do not have the bankroll to test that out:




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      I almost always c-bet if I'm heads up or sometimes against 2 opponents. With more than 2, I'm usually checking my misses, unless I'm against weak opponents, who might be led to beleive I have a big pocket pair. This is beginning to sound like "It depends".

      I do try to keep my c-bet percentage somewhere between 70 and 80%, simply because I know it usually pays off. Tough question!!

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        Hey Grade b

        I think our c betting % should change depending on what games we are playing.
        At 2nl I would assume our cbets are going to be called a lot more often than say 10nl, so the more often our c bets arn't working then the more often I would opt out of c betting.

        Flops that bring 1 high card and 2 low cards are the most profitable ones to c bet as its unlikely your opponent has hit a piece of it, and the wetter board types such as ( 8 J Q two hearts ) our c bets will be called more often because there's a lot of hands our villain can have which connect with this board rather than a dry ( K83 ) board.

        ^ You may already know this.

        At 2nl I would have a rather low cbet percentage, especially in multi way pots.

        70-80% is a solid cbet %, I think we can get away with slightly lower at 2nl, in fact I think it would be more profitable to do so.

        Again im not a cash game player but this is how I adapt to fishy calling stations in my tournamens.


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          Originally posted by Grade b View Post
          Do you auto c-bet or not
          Auto-cbetting is a leak that is easily exploited (I like to call players that auto-c-bet "c-bet bots") Some more thoughts on c-betting are in this class I ran on the topic umbup: Dave
          Head Live Trainer
          Check out my Videos

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            TY you the thoughts guys,

            For sure have to agree with the AUTO c-bet bots Dave which is why i had dropped down a little, maybe too much.

            Now i do find that C-bets can move poeple off so i tend to C-bet if one of the following is true

            Against 1 opp - who has prob missed the board - ie a nit on a dry board,

            Against 1 opp - a LAG who didn't donk

            if i have a strong draw against a bigger field.

            Ok off to sort through the filters and see what my c- bet situation actually is.

            Grade b
            I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

            13 Time Bracelet Winner


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              I have to disagree with you there Grade
              There is NO rules to C-betting and you shouldn't set criterias for it either

              C-betting is a part of poker, but you need to use it in a situation that dictates you to do it. NOT because one probably missed the flop. How do you know if he missed? Is he a regular grinder? Do you have notes on the player? or are you just going to spew chips to find out?

              Just finished my Happy hour session (45 minutes)
              Played 730 hands at Zoom 4 tables
              Profit of $114.22 with a BB/100 of 31.29
              During that time I C-bet 45.24%

              Last month I C-bet 48.03% over 28,000 hands and you saw my stats

              Could I of won more by C-betting?
              Could I have loss more?

              Just like protecting your blind, stealing the blinds, C-betting is just a play to be used when you think it's the right time or against the right player. I don't believe that any percentage is a must or a criteria. If 70-80% are the numbers you must achieve, you definitely must know when to use it and against which players

              You can't expect to play like the pro's when you are just starting
              Work on your goals first, then add and improve your stats as you go along

              Just my thoughts or 2 cents


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                Ty for the input Sandtrap,

                The players i would C-bet do tend to be the ones i have notes on.

                Grade b
                I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

                13 Time Bracelet Winner



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