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How can I improve my game?

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  • How can I improve my game?

    Hello, I am looking for some help to improve my game. I'm not sure what it is I'm doing wrong, probably quite a lot of things! Anyway, I'm new to pokerstars , and poker for cash in general. I'm a losing player but I don't know whats making me one, so please advise me? I can post statistics and such if need be. I don't play one specific game type, I like to try out new things. Mostly I play texas hold'em SitNgo's or zoom tables. Here are the statistics for all my real money hands played, i'm not sure if its of help though.

    Hold'em (Real Money):

    1539 hands played and saw flop:
    - 72 times out of 190 while in small blind (38%)
    - 94 times out of 194 while in big blind (48%)
    - 473 times out of 1155 in other positions (41%)
    - a total of 639 times out of 1539 (42%)

    Pots won at showdown - 69 out of 197 (35%)
    Pots won without showdown - 308

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    Hi the.pwolf
    a very warm welcome to PokerSchoolOnLine.
    We have some really great feature to help you improve your game, and some really great helpful people. This link will help you find your way around and whats on offer.

    Good luck and enjoy.


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      Hi the pwolf.

      First thing that stands out for me is you see too many flops. Have you taken any of the quizes yet?

      That would be a good place to start.

      HAve you read any poker books?

      Watched any videos?

      Attended live training?

      You are asking questions which is a good start.For this month I'm up !! woohoo i have
      10,260 cash game hands

      position hands VPIP PFR
      Button 1320 18.4 13.9
      CO 1300 17.2 12.3
      MP+1 909 15.5 12.2
      MP 1242 16.0 14.0
      UTG+2 493 13.5 12.0
      UTG+1 1167 14.4 11.8
      UTG 1226 14.1 12.5
      BB 1296 15.6 7.08
      SB 1307 18.13 8.9

      So when i look at this i can see I stiil haven't opened my button and CO range (i'm working on it ) I play too many hands from SB (although if you take out the blinds I'm actuall making money in this spots.

      Hope some of this helps

      Keep asking questions

      Grade b
      I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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        Hi thep.wolf! There are a few numbers that really stick out for me. First is the overall % of hands that you're seeing the flop. I try to be in the 15-20% range (could be slightly higher if I'm getting really good cards, could be lower if I'm getting bad cards). Next is the small blind number. This should be the position at the table that is the absolute lowest of any position at the table, since I have to play the rest of the hand out of position. Lastly is the 'other positions' one. This is very high too. I try to have my pots won at showdown % at least at 75%. A lower number here means that a player is staying in too many hands that they should be folding. From seeing these numbers, it looks like you're playing way, way too many hands, especially out of position. To start to work on this, I'd recommend watching Dave's video on Position from the video library. Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)
        Last edited by JWK24; Mon Jul 16, 2012, 06:54 PM. Reason: add showdown % reply

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          hi pwolf, welcome to the forum, you came to the right place mate i was proper rubbish untill i came on here.

          As the others have explained, your stats show that you are playing far to many hands, in another words your starting hands are likely to be more weaker than most standard players.

          May i suggest you look up a starting hand chart or video which no doubt theres one on the forum somewhere, theres every thing else.

          Also as well as watching the training videos on here you may want to take a look at pokerstars tv,
          that also shares tips and secrets, just google it and it comes up in search.

          Any questions you may have just ask,find the section on here,post question, and someone will answer in time.

          For now tighten up your starting hands,and be aware of posistion, lots of players on here use tracking software that tracks your hands when they play against you, they automatic know if you play bad or not.

          These players will and in deed do exploit you so be aware of this.

          A rough guide for starting hands for you

          utg <first to act> AA, QQ, KK, Ak

          remember there is players to act after you before and after the flop.
          So early on your hand must be a strong hand or it is an instant fold.

          However as you advance you may want to experiment a bit, and this is known as LAG poker, which is a lot more difficult to learn than standard ABC poker and for the advanced player.

          Also i would perhaps look at bet sizing, as this to is an important factor.

          just ask away and watch the videos mate theres great stuff to learn.



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