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Poker and health

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  • Poker and health

    Heey guys,

    How do you guys play poker without dmg your health,because im sure that a lot of you play like 12+ per day ,especially in mtt.
    I prefer to do 2 days excersize ea week.When im playing poker i eat a lot of salades,meat and fish and drink a lot of water and 1 red bull ,snacks are fruit so....
    But sometimes,when i played like 4-5 hours in a mtt/sng,i feel tired and i wanna sleep,especially if there's tourneys in the night,how to do guys approach it?

    Thanks guys

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    Hi hbhuang341!

    I play golf whenever I can and I have a fold-up treadmill that is next to the computer. Also, especially before a larger tourney... gotta get 8 hrs sleep the night before.

    John (JWK24)

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      When i'm at work I'm on my feet all day. Now during the holiday their is a mountain bike park less than 1km from my place.

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        hey hb, for myself, i drink loads of H2o and coffee if i'm in a few MTTs n feeling a little sleepy. A quick ciggy in between also helps but that is only if u're a smoker Eat healthy, lots of veggies, fruits, cut down on the sweet stuff unless u're feeling a lil low on blood sugar. thats my usual routine, if u can call that. Good luck at the felts! wikkumbup:
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          good post hb after having just woke up after a 12 hour sleep i agree playing upto 12 hours a day or more really takes it our of you. i would say my diet is ok but after running deep in a early morning micro millions tourney i only had about 3 hours sleep yesterday and it showed this morning in the psosop i was so tired i wernt even thinking about my game just hoping i would bust so i could sleep lol. from now on i wont be putting myself in that situation again and im going to make sure i am fresh for anything that i play in the future.


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            And what about junkfood guys,im 100% sure that you guys also eat junkfoods duriing the sessions :P


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              junkfood in moderation along with the drugs and alcohol hope this helps haha umbup:


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                great post hb, and no answer from me i suffer terrible from lack of sleep and to many hrs at the tables cothing and spluttering on the cigis with a big bag of munchies,

                yea life style is important if you want to be a winning player, and lets face it if your unfit and un healthy you would not enjoy the winnings as much, would probably blow it on a maccy dees etc,

                Where as if you are fit and healthy and have not developed agraphobia from been stuck in the house lol, you may spent your winnings on a carabean adventure or something lol.

                IF i had to pick one specific on health matters with poker, it would be certaintly down to the hours we play, its hard to leave it alone once you start, not in the addictive sense, but in the sense that its somethiing to do,passes time by before you know it,
                A fine example would be myself, i play early hours in the morning when most people are asleep ,why do i do it to myself?

                MY answer is at that time of night only i get peice and quiet,the kids are asleep etc,
                but sadly by then im tired and most of the times playing just for the heck of it.

                So great question there Hb, an overlooked subject to successs maybe.


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                  Originally posted by hbhuang341 View Post
                  And what about junkfood guys,im 100% sure that you guys also eat junkfoods duriing the sessions :P
                  I don't. I cook everyday and make sure that I've had a good meal before starting a longer session of play.

                  John (JWK24)

                  6 Time Bracelet Winner


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                    Who can sit at a computer for 12 hours straight!!!! The back must kill!!!! I like to split the day up (weekends) Play open league in morning then go do other stuff and play again in the afternoon. No good food just cigs and beer!!!umbup: I could see though that for the real serious players that health would be issue


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                      I don't have time to sit in front of the computer 12 hours/day, I have work, a wife and kids, etc. I generally play 1-2 hour cash game sessions, at night when there's time. If I'm playing more than this I take a break and walk away from the computer. When planning a large field MTT I make a point to get up and walk around on breaks, not sit at the computer chatting or on email or what not. I too drink lots of water or, if I need a little caffeine, iced tea or coffee. Usually ice tea at home, and coffee when playing live. I cut out junk food, got tired of killing myself slowly with garbage and didn't like the direction my health seemed to be headed. I want to see my kids grow up, and my grandkids too. Getting some exercise on a regular basis helps too, although I'm still working on getting back to the "regular basis" part. But being rested and regular exercise, as well as eating foods that won't starve the body for nutrients all help with your stamina and focus at the tables and ultimately your results as it's pretty hard to stay on your "A" game when you're tired, sick, or drained of energy.
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                        I'l fill myself up before I start a poker session. If im playing for 3+ hours i'l run downstairs on tournament break, put bread in the toaster and get the beans in the microwave and still make it back before break is over


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                          Two words ~caffeine and nicotine

                          hehe, but seriously I make sure I have good meal and If I feel at all tired I won't play period.
                          First month in open league I made final table and had entered the next one and it started before I was even done first one and I was dead tired.It was over six hours to complete first one and next one I busted out so I could get some rest
                          Never again
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                            Since I have stopped playing poker I have mowed the front lawn twice, mowed the back lawn twice, cut the hedges, painted 2 random doors and decorated my rear out house and you think playing poker is bad for your health hehe.

                            On a serious note up until 1 month ago I had an exercise bike in my back kitchen and would pedal it like a mad man while I was cooking food, this kept my weight in check and since getting rid of my bike I have put over 1 stone on in weight so I guess this matter should be taken very seriously.

                            Good post!




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