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micro millions $3.30 NL 6-max

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  • micro millions $3.30 NL 6-max

    Hi. I found myself playing on the same table as DaWarsaw ( team online) and he eventually knocked me out.I was playing quite aggressively and i thought he might be opening a bit loose against me so I felt that i was ahead on the flop and tried a semi-bluff check-raise but got unlucky on the river. how do you evaluate my play and his play? maybe i should have folded pre flop after the 4bet or just play it safe n fold on the flop? how do you play against a pro? thank you

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    Funny I was just thinking about how to play that same scenario this morning. You don't wanna go all in preflop with JJ cos A, K, Q always calls and hits. Bet too low and theres a K or A on the flop which is scary. Do you just call to see a flop? No you don't want the blinds to call and hit low trips against u on the flop.

    Have played against u a couple of times nitish I like your style. I'll be watching this thread too for tips. Good luck!


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      How deep 50bb+ flatting 4bet oop

      Looking at this hand the btn has a similar stack size to you.

      Ok - I don't what stage of the tournament this is but your 3bet is nearly 10% of your stack and you should be comfortable at 50-60bb no big tournament decisions?

      The btn just chipped over a min open raise and you 3bet nothing too much - good.

      Now flatting the 4bet oop - you don't have enough money behind to take this to later streets.

      Shoving pre is a flip. Never call a 4bet oop with your stack on the line, with 2 pot size bets behind.

      Hindsight - yes. Unfortunately I would have done a big 3bet and folded to the shove.


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        During the WBCOOP series, there were all those PokerStars pros who were participating, and so before the series started I decided that if I wound up at the same table as one of them, I was going to just stick to playing AA.

        Then one day, I wound up at the same table as both Andre Akkari (aakari - Team PokerStars) and Richard Veenman (tzen1 - Team Online), got dealt AA ... and wound up folding those too ... bwahahaha! lol so lame, but after watching them play for over an hour, I guess I just didn't feel ready.

        I blogged about it in my February Blog:

        So that's awesome that you gave the hand a shot ... hopefully next time your JJs'll hold


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          JJ Off I would have done the same as you, umbup: or I would have pushed all in after the Warsaw player's re raise. JJ are nice eventhough they weren't connected. in the situation I would have been in warsaw's player seat, I would have folded once having seen the flop and your following raise... (no top or second premium Pair hitted, No further possibilities to hit a set) the important things is the result... he gets lucky at the end .. right ?


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            Hi cheihmi. Welcome to the forum.Here is an overview of all there available features. You can get your own hands reviewed. Here are the instructions for the hand replayer you can use.

            Good luck
            3 Time Bracelet Winner



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