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Equity and fold equity

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  • Equity and fold equity

    Hi all,here im again :P

    I got few questions about this subject

    -If you calculate you equity and the pot equity is high than hand equity,does that mean you are in a EV+ situation.
    -Do you guys calculate equity and fold equity every time if someone all in or to make a call to see the turn of river,i mean you dont have a lot of time to calculate them.How can i approach this ?
    -I know what fold equity is,but if you get called by villian (loose callingsstation) pre-flop and you are going to c-bet,how do you know if that's a profitable bet?

    Thanks guys !

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    Hi hbhuang341! If the pot equity is higher than the hand equity, then it is a -EV play. I use 1 street to calculate all hand equities, unless someone (opp or me) is all in. If there is an all-in, then I'm guaranteed to see both cards, so then I'll use both streets of value (4% per out). Honestly, I calculate these to the best of my ability in my head for each situation.... gets easier with time. With loose calling stations, the way that I go about playing them is that I do not bet or raise until I have a made hand. With a calling station that won't fold, I basically have ZERO fold equity... as they won't fold. The way to play them is to wait for a made hand, then to value bet the opp to death. Don't bluff and don't bloat the pot without a made hand. Hope this helps.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      By the first answer,you calculate your hand equity w/ pokerstove right?

      By your second answer.I dont understand what you mean with that 4%,i thought it was the rule of thumb 2%/4% to hit your card and not to calculate with equity ?


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        Hi hbhuang!

        For exact cards vs a range, I'll use pokerstove. The 2%/4% rule is for when I figure to be behind, and is a hand equity % for each out that I have.
        ex: if I have an OESD, I have 8 outs, so I have 16% hand equity per street for my hand.

        John (JWK24)

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          Ow ,i understand by that,so u use the 2/4 thumb for pot equity etc
          But for what do you use pokerstove then ?


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            Sorry,im a little confused by some things @_@ Hope it will come clear for me


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              The rule of 2 and 4 is for calculating your OUTS.

              Sometimes your outs are not live, Example:

              you = 45

              flop = AA2

              Opp = A3

              Sometimes when you hit your outs your opponent picks up re draw outs, Example:

              You = KhQh
              Opp = AhQd

              flop/turn = 3h6h Ad 7h

              sometimes you don't NEED outs but your opp is drawing live, Example:

              You = AQo
              He = KJs
              Flop = 9 T 3

              in essence, outs are only the cards you expect to be what you need to see to win a hand. Equity also includes situations like those above, where your outs may not truly be live ones, or and opp falls behind but still has outs vs you.

              Poker Stove factors in all these things into their equity calcs, whereas the rule of 4 and 2 only gives you the chance of hitting the cards you THINK you need.

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