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Odds questions

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  • Odds questions

    I've watched Dave's vid about odds today and i got few questions !

    -Express odds,if they dont match each other,does it mean you are in a EV- situation?

    -Calculating express odds w/ imm odds(by slide 4).The example was if villian was all-in by the flop for 100 chips and we are on a flushdraw,but what if he has enough chips and will bet for example on the flop 25 and on the turn 35 and we still didnt complete our flush? I thought you had to make a calculation like this:imm odds for flush on the turn to river is 4.1:1,we will lose 35 chips (we will fold at the river if we dont hit) and if we make a flush,we will win 60 chips in 1 time,so our net profit/loss is (60-35)/5.1=4,9 chips?
    Correct me please if im wrong !!

    Thanks guys

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    Hi hbhuang341! If there could be betting on both the flop and the turn, then I need to calculate the odds for each street. On the flop, I have 2% equity for each out to the turn, so I then compare my pot equity for the flop bet and hand equity to see one street only. If the hand equity is higher, then I'll call. I then re-evaluate and do the same thing on the turn. 2% per out and also see what the pot equity % is. If the hand equity is higher, then I'll call. The only time that I can look at using 4% equity per out on the flop is IF there would be no betting on the turn. What determines whether or not a play is + or -EV are the odds percentages. If the hand equity % is higher then it is a +EV play. If the pot equity is higher then it's a -EV play. Hope this helps.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      JWK,could you give 2 examples for the first answer,maybe it will come clear how the way you use it


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        Hi hbhuang!

        I just put an example for an open-ended straight draw into your other thread.

        John (JWK24)

        6 Time Bracelet Winner



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