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Beginner Cash Game grinding

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  • Beginner Cash Game grinding


    I have been playing for a few years now and I am looking to start grinding online for a regular income. Does anyone have any tips/comments on the best way to do this? Multitable etc.

    The level I play on is 25c/50c and usually make profits if I play for an hour or so - anyone know a good way to combat fatigue when been online for a while? Or any good mind exercises to increase concentration levels?

    All tips greatly appreciated.


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    hi there m8t, im not exactly a succesfull winning player but i do have some great incite into nlhe and its a shame i cant practice what i preach at times.

    You mention multitable play, if you are thinking of any multiplayer play you must invest in a poker tracker if not all ready have one,

    Multitabling for 1-3 tables is ok without, but any more than that i strongly suggest you use a tracker.

    Make sure if you are multitabling your BR is above the normal BR you would have for a single table, e.g 100 buyins per table as recommended so in my opinion if you were playing 2 tables at once you would need 100 buyins per table in theory,will be intersted to here what others say on this one.

    However i do find personally that people who use software and multitable can be minipulated at times by good LAG players so beware of this.

    As for the patience side, that is one of my main problems, i even tilt on zoom poker lol.

    ITs simple,set yourself an amount of time per table you want to play,e.g 100 hands per table.

    Set your hrs of how many times you want to play per day and split this up into intervals

    E.g 4 times a day 100 hnds per table 6 tables at a time, with 1hr break inbetween.

    This is disipline,strong disipline is what makes the winners from the loosers, set routines with no alter.

    hope this helps


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      Cheers - by the sounds of it we are very similar players - I have regular success in cash games but often tilt without realising I am doing this.

      Thanks for the comments about dicsipline, much appreciated.



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        I play about 2-3 hours a day, usually 1 hour in the afternoon and the rest later in the evening for about 18-20 hours a week (stopped playing SnG for now)

        I don't quit or extend my sessions, when I sit down to play, it's for a specific amount of time. I will close a table once I double up, but will open a new one. I usually open 6-10 tables at once with NO HU display

        As for session length, like I said, there usually between 1-3 hours per day. This way I'll walk away with my winnings or with minimal loss.

        Hope this helps
        Here's my progress

        Good Luck



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