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  • Thats it

    Thats it i quit i can not handle the amout of fish that play an win so much with hands like 82off when your holding ks as qd ad and so on for me guys the road is over i come on everyday some reward would of be nice.

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    Great Idea

    Dont learn, dont look and see why or how you are promoting such bad play from others.
    Do not ever think that every card has a percentage of times it will win, and maybe it was time.
    Do not ever look at yourself and see that maybe just maybe you are not playing your own cards as well as you should.
    Do not make use of the wealth of information in the forum , videos, live training, hand analysis,
    Do not ever think that each and every one of us as we learn and grow has not had the same thought or feelings
    Do not join the PSO where you will learn the fine art of patience and fold, yes even those garaunteed winners.
    Do not above all , quit playing at pokerstars, its RIGGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao
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        I have

        !! I have !!
        1/look at my hand historys
        2/i understand percentage
        3/all i do is to look for diffrent ways to play my cards
        4/i red the wealth info and try to apply it to my game
        5/ok every player has swings
        6/yes i do fold them winners utg for a start


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          Just teasing

          Hang in there, been there done that!!! Sometimes those swings are just ugly and sometimes they last more than a few weeks. I get off the money and wait it out, go play freerolls and try new things out. Its all a part of learning, this isnt tv and we dont win all the time. Another thing I do is go to another site and usually my confidence is restored, sometimes a change of venue is all it takes to get your mojo back. When you are not having fun and not liking something you can bet your play will be just as bad whether you see it or not. Take a few days off and play something else, relax poker will be here tommorrow.
          2012 Double Bracelet Winner

          Bracelet Winner


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            This is what JWK and I were trying to drum into your head about proper BR discipline in your other thread Dai.

            Look,you WANT to be playing as many players that will play hands like 82o as possible. Just understand that ANY TWO CARDS can and will win sometimes and on occasion they will beat our premium holdings like a drum for periods of time. That's variance and it hits all of us. How we REACT to it is what separates profitable players from those who are not profitable.

            Focus on your decisions more and the results less. If you are constantly being consistent in getting yourself into more +EV spots than -EV spots then you will be a winning player provided your BR discipline and game selection is also solid.

            If you take care of those last two things BEFORE you ever sit down at the tables then you'll be better equipped to understand that beats and even runs of beats (variance...) are just the cost of doing business.



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