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Rushing my play.

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  • Rushing my play.

    So I was sat on the bus today when I realised that I have a huge leak in my game that is so noticable I don't know how I missed it. Basically I rush my decisions when in a hand and often 'panic' and forget about ranging completely; mainly working from my cards and 'instinct' which is a recipe for disaster. Although I've identified it previously when chatting with JDean I didn't realise how much it affects my game and I realise now that it is a leak that needs to be fixed before I can progress. JDean told me to sit on my hands, which actually worked for a while but after my break for exams I forgot about it and have slipped back into my old ways. I'm going to start sitting on my hands again, but I could really do with some solid advice for correcting this. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Croyd umbup:
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    I used to be guilty of this and still to this day I find myself doing it from time to time. What works well for me is to take the same amount of time on each decision that I make. So instead of clicking the auto fold button preflop i'l wait until the action is on me and I will pause a few seconds before I decide what to do.

    Same goes for flop,turn,river.... I think you will be suprised how much this can help you think through the hands that you play, it also helps me to observe other players actions better than I normally would.

    Sitting on your hands is a good one too though lol! Good luck


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      Hi Croyd93,

      You have touched based with a very good point.

      It is very important to take the necessary time to evaluate each scenario at the table.

      Take for instance 10 seconds or more to think about a hand you are in aswell the range of hands your opponent could be holding here is an example:

      you $5:
      raise 12c

      regular cash game LAG villain $5: UNKNOWN
      flats on the button

      you lead out and bet 17c and the villain flats.

      you lead out and bet 39c and the villain 3-bet min raises, you follow up with a 4-bet to $1.70 and the villain flats.

      you check and villain jams all in, the action is on you what would you for a klondike bar???
      Seems like an easy call as you are holding top set...if you do not use your time bank.

      Based on the LAG villain and their betting patterns what range of hands do you put them on?
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        Hi guys thanks for the advice Firstly thanks Chris I will try your method of taking some time each street and not rushing things. Hopefully it will become a habit and then become second nature, I do not multitable so taking some time shouldn't be a problem. Also didn't know you were into mma, nice to see that people at PSO can have more than poker in common, I'm a big mma fan myself Also thanks Cannon, this is a pretty tough spot. As the villain is a LAG my range would vary on how much he 3-bets pre from what is given I would range him the following:
        • JTs
        • JTo
        • Ac9c
        • KcJc
        He may also have some of 2 pair hands that he's turned into bluffs on the river such as KQ, but without specifc info on if the villain likes to bluff scary river cards I would be inclined to fold. Also against his overall range (if we include some bluffs) we don't have the required equity to call so I would reluctantly lay it down (I hope but it is easier said than done when you're in the hand). Thanks for the interesting reply, I'd like to hear your thoughts and see how my range weighs up against your ranging. Thanks again Croyd umbup:
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