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Calculation with and without fold equity

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  • Calculation with and without fold equity

    Heey guys,

    I watched the vid about fold equity today,i understand everything but i didnt make any calculations of it,so im going to try to make a calculation

    -Calculation without fold equity
    Blinds are 400/800/100
    I have 88 in the SB with 4500 and someone in the mid position shoves all-in with his 3200 stack,i put him on a range of 27.6%.So....I have to call 2700 chips,calculation 2700/8300x100=32.5% pot equity(Formula:''Prize to call/Total pot=Equity in %'').I put the range into pokerstove and i have 57.7% equity.It's a profitable(EV+) call because the pot equity is lower than the hand equity.

    -Calculation w/ fold equity
    Cost to call is 2700 chips,so I will win 72.4% of the time the antes and blinds,so my net gain is 0.724x2100=1520.4 chips (Formula::''(100- Part of hand range)xTotal pot=Net gain'')
    Then if we get called and win: 0.276x0.576x4800=+763.08 (Formula::''Handrange (of opponent) X Equity (In that pokerstove and look at the win in %) X win in chips (Chips+antes+blinds,except you are in the SB/BB)
    If we get called and lose:0.276x0.423x2700=-315.22
    Avg net chip gain/loss is 1520.4+763.08-315.22=1968.26(Formula::Net chip gain+Chips win-Chips lose)

    So...I made a lot of my own formulas,because i can remember it well and it's easy to use,not for the first time ofc !
    I hope i dont make any misstakes,but it's a excersize,so i dont have to worry a lot except in the mtt's :S

    Thanks for help guys !!!
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    Come on guys,no answers ?...


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      Hi hb,

      You've got the idea right on, just a couple minor math errors. In the first calc size of the pot is 7900 not 8300 (I think you counted the SB twice, it's easy to do but you'll see it if you put each element of the pot into excel and add them up). In the second calc our risk (when we get called and lose) is 3100 not 2700 (you have to count the SB he's already posted, he covers 3100 total of our stack).

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