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Hey Dave!! Is this possible?

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  • Hey Dave!! Is this possible?

    I've been playing for a while now and haven't multi-tabled since the old days of the NAPL freerolls until Thursday. I started with 3 tables and then went with 4 tables. On Friday i decided to bump it up some and reg for 7 games but had no more than 6 up at once. These games were all SNGs STT DoNs for $1 and $2 and 1-$2 All-in or Fold 9man. Here's my question: When i played DoNs 1 table at a time i generally ITM'd 70%-80% but when i've multi-tabled the games i have 100% win rate. Given that is only 14 games but still a 100% wins. Is it possible that i over analyse tables and players when on single tables and with boredom i start messing up my game looking for more opportunities to take chips but play better when multi-tabling because i'm pre-occupied with the amount of tables up? evil:
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    I woulds say ask again when you have a sample size of 1k games. Its more than possible that you have hit a heater. This is not to say what you suggest isn't true but 14 games is far to few to be able to say.

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      at my rate of play i'd be done with 1k games sometime in 2017 and some fudder would tell me i need 10k hands. i'm asking if he's heard of this and/or is it plausible evil:
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        Hey joker!

        I'd think you probably just hit a streak of run good.... which is GREAT. Over a large number of games, I'd expect those numbers to go back to your 70-80% numbers... unless... you got to the point where you had too many tables up, then those numbers would drop considerably.

        You've got to cash in a higher % of the 50/50's than DON's to be at the same ROI.... at least it worked that way for me, so make sure that you don't over-do it on the number of tables, as making $$$ at them is the bottom line.

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          yes i understand that i could be running good for now and after experiencing my 1st real downswing of 2 n a half months i think i deserve a few good runs but this question is more towards one's mentality while playing and if the lack of action leads to riskier calls and chases and makes you try to look for weak players and soft spots to hit even more compared to when you have mutiple tables up there is so much action already from table to table that you don't have time to consider those riskier thoughts and actions evil:
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            I know just what you mean, and I do think there is an optinum numbers of tables for a player - the problem is that the exact number is different for every player.

            You need to play enough that you're not bored, because then you get tempted to play those marginal hands. If you play too many games, your concentration suffers. Finding the balance is the challenge.

            PS. Seems to be between 3 and 5 for me, depending on what games I'm playing.
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              Hey Joker,

              The proverbial run good aside (and yes there is probably some of this going on), I think what your asking may be having an effect as well.

              When you're playing 1 table and analyzing everything in great detail it's possible you may come up with more fancy stuff, where as if you're playing a lot of tables you're making more basic decisions. And for this game format specifically, the DON's strategy should be more basic/automatic much of the time, so yes although certainly some run good has been involved it's quite possible that multi-tabling them is helping you play them better by virtue of not over-analyzing and not getting too creative in spots where it may just not be +EV to do so.

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