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Ranging an early position raiser

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  • Ranging an early position raiser

    An interesting river decision for you guys out there! The blinds were high in this 6 man sng. A tight player raised UTG. Four players remain, me included. Calling with jacks in the BTN would be wrong against a super tight opponent but he wasn’t a total rock, so I made the call to avoid getting commited preflop, and if the flop brings an overcard I could evaluate if my jacks were still good or fold them painlessly. The weak player in the SB calls too. I caught a seemingly harmless/nice flop with low cards, both of the opponents check, I bet ¾ pot, the BB folds, the preflop raiser calls. The turn comes another low card, the villain checks and I check behind. The river brings a 10, the villain checks and I bet again commiting myself If the opponent decides to shove which he does. I make a crying call which cripples me pretty bad and I hated myself for making such a stupid play (a check behind would’ve been correct on the river against this type of opponent)…so the opponent shows slow played aces. Against a player with solid starting hand standards, I should’ve easily tossed those jacks to the muck preflop. When I think about it, the best I could hope for was to flip against AQ+ and I would be a monster underdog should I be unlucky enough to run into two queens or higher. I would’ve tilted if the opponent caught his 2-outer (a set of tens on the river) as a result of my passiveness by not betting the turn giving my opponent a free river card. My jacks are either a big underdog or a slight favorite. If there ever was a time to fold JJ or even QQ, this was it, but still I would find it hard to do so in a 4 handed game. With jacks or queens, my opponent was either a big favorite with his overpair, or close to an even money shot with AK. Next time I’ll make sure to put my opponents on a possible range, and see if playing against that range makes sense at all.. How about ranging a LAG? It bugs me to think that having position on this opponent, and all the information gathered wasn’t enough for me to give up the second nuts. I mean, did the hand played itself and the result was inevitable? Was it impossible to get any value from weaker hands on the river? How would you have played it out? The following link opens up a video that pretty much sums up what being dominated means in poker. In this hand, Jaimie Gold was a 4 to 1 underdog with Kings against Sammy Farha’s Aces. Somehow it comforts me to know that even the pros can get crushed by a higher pocket pair to a lower pair they couldn’t fold. Although it is impossible to accurately range a pro such as Sammy Farha. Here it is, the classic AA vs KK matchup… and the inevitable result? Thnx for the help! umbup:

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