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How to avoid getting floated

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  • How to avoid getting floated

    This is the scenario: In a 6 man sng blinds were 50/100 (high compared to the stack sizes) two-way pot. I had KK in the BB, an aggressive player raised preflop in the CO, I made a standard 3bet, the villain calls (both stacks were even btw). I bet ½ pot on an ace high flop, no legitimate draws (9 A 3 rainbow), the villain calls, the turns comes a blank and I check to control the pot size and to evaluate his action. He bets ½ pot and I felt like he floated me on the flop and now he was trying to blow me off my hand (as he floated another player on a previous hand with air) so, confident that I was ahead I went ahead and shoved with one thing in mind… to make it look like some kind of silly bluff (almost like polarizing my range) and induce a hero call with a pair of nines or threes (I expected a call by him if he connected with the board given that I was playing overly aggressive, sort of like a maniac). The villain insta folded. I don’t even know why he decided to make this move on me as I did have a WTSD% high and wasn’t folding much on the turn in 3b pots. How can I avoid getting constantly floated by this super aggressive opponent? What are the best pre-emptive plays to make early on in a SNG to set the tone for the rest of the game therefore avoid getting floated by chronic floaters? I believe the line I took was reckless because an ace was definitely in his range AJ+, also sets like 33/99. I was in decent shape against TT/JJ/QQ. Would I benefit in any way had I checked the flop instead of betting out, or it makes no difference as it gives me no information since he is going to bet 100% of the time when I show weakness OOP? Does his positional advantage together with the high blind level makes his delayed float bluff unexploitable? I got married with my over pair and couldn’t let it go, but what would’ve been your play against an aggressive opponent who floats a lot? Would you have called the ½ pot turn bet instead of going over the top (to keep the opponent’s bluffing range in, thus obtaining maximum value on the river, after all it’s a safe board)? Thnx for the help brothers! umbup:

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    Hi Super Rascal! There's no way to float this.... the board is ace high. Floating is when you call with two overcards and with an ace on the board, they can't do it. If I'm in a tourney OOP with KK and get an ace on the flop, I'm not making a c-bet and am ready to fold to a bet on the flop. There is also no way that you have an overpair to the board, as the board has a card higher than your pair. Hope this helps.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Hey SuperRascal

      If we see that villain has tendencies to float c bets and were not prepared to fold our hand then I like the bet, check/call, check/call line, if we bet the flop and we expect to be called wether villain has it or not then it makes more sense to check/call his turn bet rather than check/shove. By check/calling we are giving villain another chance to hang himself on the river with his air hands, by check/shoving were not giving him that chance.

      As for checking the flop... I like to mix up checking and betting in these spots, vs a loose guy I would opt to check with the intention of calling at least one street.


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        why would you want to avoid this opponent to hang himself with air? I would love anyone to just donate they're chips to me. Keep playing your premiuim hands and made sets against him and you should be fine?



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