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Folding second nuts

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  • Folding second nuts

    Hey guys, here are my questions about folding certain hands… I’d like to know if they ever happened to you, and how you usually play them. In a rainbow board with no likely draws (not paired), would it be possible to fold an overpair or TPTK fearing the possibility of running into two pair or a set? Or having to fold two pair due to the possibility of facing higher two pair or a set? Or having to fold a set due to the possibility of facing a higher set? Assuming all of these situations were played in a cash game against a (solid player, with and without reads, IP and OOP)………..& against a (poor player, with and without reads, IP and OOP). What about in a MTT where the blinds are high? You can add more variables to take into account if u like It’s fairly easy to fold trips against an obvious full house from an opponent you have profiled already. But hands such as sets or two pair are often difficult to detect and you could lose a lot of your stack to one of them. You might value raise an opponent with hands like top pair or an overpair when in reality you are very close to drawing dead (against two pair or set). Be wary and on the lookout for these matchups. Not too much though, you just might fold too many winners to an aggro opponent out of fear. I think it would be a mistake to fold two pair or a set on a dry board if an opponent shows aggression in the hand (There is a 2.02% probability for you to flop two pair from two non-pair cards). The reason for this is that your opponent may be raising you with premium overpairs such as AA-KK, hands you can beat with your two pair or set. I think that these hands (sets, two pair) are definitely worth a reraise to get value from a worse hand by an aggressive opponent, or you may also call your opponent’s bet to keep his bluff range in to induce a second barrel from a super-reader or a tighter opponent while controlling the size of the pot. The action you take depends on your image and the playing style of your opponent with the objective of maximizing the value of your hand, after all you don’t risk getting outdrawn when slow playing on this type of board. Set over set and higher two pair are remote events that don’t come often enough to worry about too much, and if they do come, take it as a cooler and get over it. If you bet your trips (composed of a pair on the board plus one in your hand) on a wet or coordinated board and get raised, it is safe to assume that you are likely to be up against one of these hands: - you LOSE either to a full house, or trips with a higher kicker than yours. - you WIN against trips with a lower kicker than yours, two pair (pair on the board + any pocket pair OR pair on the board + pair from unmatched pocket cards), pair on the board with a decent kicker, straight or flush draw, bluff. On a dry board, I’m more prone to call down my opponent with trips, even if he raises me, since there’s no danger of getting outdrawn. On wet boards I opt on the aggro side. I believe the chances of a set over set happening are about 97:1. But, there will be a day when you are pot committed on the river, so you go ahead and throw your remaining chips to the middle, only to know that you hold an under-set after the other guy snap called you with top set. You go like.. dammit! and then hope to catch a miracle card on sixth street to make quads. Thnx for the help ppl! umbup: Somehow I wondered off from the main topic

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