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Folding an overpair I

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  • Folding an overpair I

    Hello buddies... Follow me on my three-part thread about this interesting topic. I was reading in poker article about raise or fold situations. This hand in particular was a little blurry for me to fully understand. In a multiway pot holding TT, the flop comes 785. Now my opponents might have A8 or JQ. Any JQA4 or 9 that comes on the turn or river kills my flop overpair. I that that a raise is the right play, never ever ever call... but what do you guys think about folding. Are there way too many cards that makes me lose the pot? Am I not a favorite? Actually I am a favorite with 56.6% equity against the other players' 21.7% equities. So should I muck TT right on the flop if raising won’t accomplish folding out anyone to protect my hand? Is it a useless battle? Isn´t folding weak? for me it looks quite weak, but it says that it’s the right play “even though we were a favorite” according to the poker article I'm reading it from". Thx for the help! umbup: Follow the continuation of this topic in my next thread... "Folding an overpair II"
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    How many multi's in that multi-way flop, and what about action pre and any reads on opponents in the pot?? All of these factors would affect my post flop decision, so the answer to your question is "It depends".

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      Hi SuperRascal

      This depends on many things. Stack sizes,player tendencies, preflop action and flop action must all be taken into account when facing decisions like these.

      1500 starting chips, blinds 10/20. Player A raises to 60, Player B calls, Player C calls (small blind), Player D calls (big blind). FLOP 785 rainbow Player C and D check, Player A c-bets 150 into a pot size of 270, Player B calls, Player C (small blind) raises to 400, ( Player D goes all in for 1500 ) action on hero..... FOLD

      In spots like the above when we all have a lot of big blinds then this is an easy spot to fold any overpair we have, it's likely were going to be against a set, 2 pair, 76/89 which were almost flipping against and maybe even made straights from either of the blinds.

      However decrease our starting chips to just 300 then we wouldnt be folding as the range of hands we are against would be dramatically increased.



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