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Raising as a Semi-Bluff

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  • Raising as a Semi-Bluff

    Hi guys! In the book "No Limit Hold'em - Theory and Practice" by David Sklansky, on the chapter "Raising as a Semi-Bluff" he says: "A preflop semi-bluff raise is profitable when the following EV expression is true: (chance everyone will fold)(pot size+raise)+ (chance one or more will call with no raises)(value of the hand on the flop)>raise" "In general you should semi-bluff with the best hands that you would not ordinarily have played. This maximize the 'value of the hand on the flop' term in teh EV expression" Then he gives some examples: If you are in Middle position in a tight table and three players have limped in front of you. Normally you would fold both Q8s and 72o. But once in a while you should semi-bluff raise, and you should do so with Q8s and not 72o. Grerat, it makes sense. But in the second example I got a question If you are in the BB in a tight table and there are three limpers ( not including the SB ). Normally you would check both Q8s and 72o. But once in a while you should semi-bluff raise, and you should do so with 72o and not Q8s. Cuz Q8s has more value seeing the flop than 72o. My questions is: What are you trying to accomplish when raising 72o ? Certainly you want everyone to fold, but with that many players limping, I don't think that you will make everyone folld that often. What are your thoughts guys ? Thanks umbup:

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