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"Raise or fold" and "donk bet" situation on PCA

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  • "Raise or fold" and "donk bet" situation on PCA

    Hi friends at PokerStars! I'm a begginer and I was watching a video of the PCA 2012 main event at YouTube channel when a situation arised, with 2 things I don't understand. This is what happend: - Blinds 50/100, involved stacks above 27k - Action folded to Vanessa Selbst on the button with Kd7d, which raises to 250 - SB folds, then Sanchez on the BB with AhTd 3-bets to 825. Equity now 60/40 to Sanchez - Vanessa 4-bets to 1950, and the narrator says that this is now "raise or fold" situation to Sanchez, which is the 1st thing I don't get. He had a decent hand vs. Vanessa's raising range and I know he is out of position, but to me it doesn't look like it would hurt to see a flop - Sanchez calls - Flop comes Kh5h4h - Sanchez leads with a 1550 bet, and the narrator says it's a "donk bet", the 2nd thing I don't get. It looks that Sanchez floped the nut flush draw, and he is now semibluffing. It sounds reasonable to me. Could you guys help me out, and tell me what did I miss or mistaken? Thanks a lot in advance! (for the curious ones, this is how the hand ends: - Vanessa calls - Jh comes on the turn, giving nut flush to Sanchez - Sanchez bets 3000, Vanessa calls - 2d on the river, nothing changes - Sanchez bets 6000, Vanessa calls and sees the bad newsumbup:.)

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    Hello Guto and welcome to the forum!

    Why they call it a raise/fold situation is probably because Vanessa is so aggressive she could bluff him off his hand if he misses the flop (which he will a majority of the time). He could also be dominated by better aces or tens (TT, AJ, AQ, AK, AA).

    A donk bet is simply when you're betting the flop without being the preflop aggressor. If you raise preflop on the button and I call, and then bet out on the flop, I'm making a donk bet.



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      Hi gutosilveira. Welcome to the PSO forum. There is lots of material on this site that can help you increase you knowledge of poker. A general overview of the site can be found here. PSO members have their own home game club that you can find out about here. I can't help you with your first question. The play at that level is more advanced than my current game. however I am trying to learn more. I do notice that Sanchez did not agree with the announcers. A donk bet occurs when a person who called the last bet on a previous street opens the betting on the next street. Have some fun, learn some strategy, and good luck on the felt.

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        Hi gutosilveira! Welcome to the forum! Here is a link that will help to get you familiar with a number of the things that are available at PSO. We also have a homegame that you can join. Feskprins is correct on the two situations. In the first one, with a 4-bet to 1950, if the other player would want to make a 5-bet, it would cost them enough of their stack that they would be pot committed to the hand and if so, should shove first, to put the pressure on the opponent. This is typically hit when a player would have to put 1/3 of their stack into the pot. When playing a hand out of position, it's a very tough situation when a player doesn't have the lead, especially against a pro that will use their position as a huge advantage. A donk bet is a bet by a player that is out of position without the lead in the hand (last to raise). In this case, Vanessa made the last raise and since Sanchez made the first bet on the flop instead of the preflop raiser, it is a donk bet. Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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