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Tourneys - help please

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  • Tourneys - help please

    Hi Guys/Girls Can anyone offer me any advice on how to play tourneys. I don't know whether I play them too tight, not aggressive enough or if i'm just being a bit ul with my cards... For now I am mainly playing freerolls such as, the 100k depositor, open poker league etc and I have also played some SnG ranging from 0.25 - 2.50 buy in. Basically I seem to get enough chips to burst the bubble a fair amount of times but rarely enough to really push on and take the higher prizes, be this points or cash. Now I know it's hard to evaluate my style without actually watching me play but I was wondering if anyone else had experienced the same? and if they did, did they change anything and did it work? I have tried going over my own game and have come to the conclusion it's a bit of all the factors I highlighted above... Now obviously I can't change the cards but i'm struggling to imagine how I can change my style without becoming too wreckless and busting out early doors, or is this just the risk you have to take in tourneys? Thanks in advance and gl at the tables... umbup:

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    i'd say from my initial anaylsis of your situation that you are doing a very good job consistently cashing in the tournaments you play. i guess if you are not happy with mincashes or near to them, u could try opening up your game a little more on the bubble, since that's when the tightest play from your opponents will be occurring. possibly u are not getting enough value from your big hands early on; u could try just valuing betting more (bigger bets, not frequency). other than this, i can't really give you any more help without additional information.


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      Hi riveredme1! It could be from playing too tight at the bubble (especially in position), but it also may deal with bet sizes or a number of other factors. I agree that without knowing more, it's hard to give you one thing to look at. Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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        Cheers for your help and advice.

        I have adjusted my bet sizes tonight and got a decent stack together in both tourneys I played, one a 100k freeroll, finishing 600th ish and the other a 25c 90 player tourney. I was 2nd chip leader in the 25c tourney and after a 1750 opening bet was called I pushed all in on the flop when it came down Q, 9, 7 - I had a pocket pr of K's, I came up against a set of 7's...

        Anyway in both games I had built up decent stacks, before stupidly going out of the freeroll and being ul in the 25c tourney... So I guess, or at least i'm hoping, adjusting my bet sizes may have been beneficial.


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          You should think of a tourmy as having at least 3 stages.

          1st , Middle and end.

          Not that that in itsself is a lot of help but you should be thinking of each phase differantly. Tight tight tight in first stage, lossen up in middle (and abuse the bubble as JWK said ) and play agressive toward the end.

          the video archive has some good tormiment play stuff in it and is well worth a look.

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