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Implied odds for flush draw

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  • Implied odds for flush draw

    Hi this is my first post so forgive me if its not up to the usual standard. I have to questions, 1. should i have called the described hand below? 2. if i had played the hand, would i have been getting the right implied odds on the flop to call the villians over bet? so heres the hand: we are 7 handed on the table in a $3.50 sit and go, with blinds 25/50 seat 1: empty seat 2: 3615 SB 25 Completes seat 3: 2270 BB 50 Checks seat 4: 1495 Fold seat 5: 800 Fold seat 6: 1345 Calls 50 seat 7: 1615 ME Fold K5 clubs seat 8: empty seat 9: 1075 BTN Fold so as above seat 6 calls the 50, i fold k5clubs (is this correct or should i call?) seat 2 completes and seat 3 checks. to the flop so the flop comes down 3cjc4h seat 2 and 3 both check and seat 6 bets 300 into a 150 pot, resulting in seats 2 and 3 folding. now if i had been in the hand on the flop would i have been getting the right implied odds assuming seat 6 shoves for his last 995 on the turn to go for my flush? hope that makes sense and thanks for your answers in advanceumbup:

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    Hi eddie! Welcome to the forum! In the future, if you have the hand history, please give the replayer a try from the tools tab at the top of the page. It'll be the easiest way for you to put a hand into the forum and also easier for all the members to watch and comment on one. What type of tourney is this from, as this will have an impact on the answers. The skill league tourneys play different than cash games, which play different than a satellite. Knowing this will help everyone. K5s early in a tourney is going to be a fold for me, especially if any of the other opps are playing aggressively. If a K falls on the flop, most likely I'll get outkicked. If a 5 hits, someone probably has a higher pair. Here's the way to check to see if I have the right odds on the flop if I'm in the hand. I need to call 300 chips into a pot that will be 750 if I call (40%). I have 9 outs to hit the flush. Each out is worth 2% hand equity for each street. If there is a bet on the turn, then I have 18% equity to the turn. The % that I'd have to put into the pot is 40%, where my hand has 18%... so it's a fold on the flop. If the opp shoves the turn, it'll actually make the odds WORSE for my outs... since the opp is betting more than the size of the pot. I'm folding this preflop, and if not, then I will on the flop, as I'm priced out of the hand. The other thing that you will want to do in the future, when you get hands in the replayer is to post them (1 hand per thread please, as it's easier for everyone to comment on them this way) into the hand analysis forums and check the box that says 'request analysis'. You can also check out the threads already in those sections (one for no-limit hold'em cash games, one for tourney no-limit hold'em and one for other games (limit hold'em, PLO, stud, razz, etc). Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      HI John

      thanks for the info on posting questions, will do that from now on. Also thank you for the feedback on the hand, figured it was correct to fold just wanted to double check the flop part.




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