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how not to play AA

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  • how not to play AA

    this is a hand played at my table today..

    Starting hand #10426511
    dutch starts with $7,150
    jconn starts with $21,425
    aha12877 starts with $9,075
    thehiroller starts with $17,175
    "spades" starts with $20,575
    WINGER starts with $8,925
    robhild starts with $17,975
    RomanDNation starts with $8,300
    RomanDNation has the dealer button
    "spades" dealt down 9c 5c
    dutch posts the small blind $100
    jconn posts the big blind $200
    thehiroller: ty
    aha12877 raises $200 to $400
    thehiroller folds
    "spades" folds
    WINGER calls $400
    robhild folds
    RomanDNation folds
    dutch raises $200 to $600
    jconn calls $400
    aha12877 calls $200
    WINGER calls $200
    >>>DEALING FLOP<<< [ 4h 2d 5s ]
    dutch bets $2,400
    jconn calls $2,400
    aha12877 raises $6,075 to $8,475 and is all-in
    WINGER folds
    robhild: aa kk
    dutch calls $4,150 and is all-in
    jconn folds
    dutch shows cards Ah Ad
    aha12877 shows cards 4s 4c
    >>>DEALING TURN<<< [ 6s ]
    >>>DEALING RIVER<<< [ 9s ]
    aha12877 wins $1,925
    aha12877 wins $17,900
    aha12877 won with three of a kind, fours
    dutch finishes in 30th place

    spades 8)

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    spades please dont use names when printing hands


    • #3
      Why not use names when printing hands? The hand was played out, for all to see. Spades didn't make any remarks except, "how not to play AA", and I think it's pretty widely accepted that slowplaying AA is not in the best interest of winning the hand. Think we're being a bit oversensitive here?




      • #4
        if thats the case pokergoddess i will watch every hand you play then print them all in the forum for ALL to see.

        or shall i just open up my little black book with everyones note in it for ALL to see

        if the hand analysis is masking names for good reasons any one printing the way a hand is played should edit out he names.


        • #5
          i have to agree with ironside on this one....there is no need to have players' names listed here in the forum on hands that I am sure they are not happy about...there really is no need to have the specific players' names listed...the white chocolate has been melted...


          • #6
            It's a funny old hand, in fact.
            Why did aha raise 1XBB UTG? What's the point of that?
            Then 4 players see a re-raised flop?? Wha?
            I think the AA wasn't the only hand playing "badly".

            More dirt I say !!! Dish the dirt. The dirt has been dished.


            • #7
              Mixed feelings on this one.

              One, as PG says, it is public record type stuff.

              On the other hand...

              Anyhow, good read.



              • #8
                Originally posted by rosita
                Why did aha raise 1XBB UTG? What's the point of that?
                Half the players at the school play like that...I see entire hands where everyone is betting and raising in one-unit increments. Notice that dutch also raised one unit.

                It makes no sense, but there you go.



                • #9
                  Feel free ! If that's what makes poker interesting for you, go right ahead and post EVERY hand I play. I could care less. If I'm in a hand...I'm in a hand. It really doesn't bother me a bit for anyone to see or read about it. I'm not really sure that all that many here would be interested in your "little black book", but if you want to share's OK with me. Like I say, if that's what does it for you, that's wonderful. My point was and is, that the hand information is in the chat log, where the names are given, so what's the big deal about posting the "record" verbatim? Sorry, frankly, I don't get it. Are we now suppose to assume that the player with the AA will always play AA that way? Will the flopped set always bet the same amount? I think the point of the post was the PLAY...not WHO was making the play in that particular hand. I think it's kind of silly to be worrying about censoring something that is already being printed by PSO and is information that is available to anyone, anyway. Are you really that cynical about everything, or is it just poker?




                  • #10
                    Little Black Book?

                    Ironside said:
                    or shall i just open up my little black book with everyones note in it for ALL to see
                    Heh, bet there's some girls in there I know from my mispent youth.

                    Seriously though, to help me become a better player, I would very much like you to share with me what you have determined about me. Would you be interested in emailing whatever you have written in your book about me, to me? It would be greatly appreciated.


                    • #11
                      i was answering ironside when a tournament come up and quit the post

                      if i did offend the players in the hand i apologize but it was not my intention

                      about the hands i play i GIVE permission to anyone with no exception to make them public and post them here...i really dont think they are interesting enough to that anyway

                      like pg says..i dont see any problem to put them here cause they are already known by at leats 10 players and some few others that were watching the table

                      if i need to take the players name, one by one, from the chat text to past the hand into here i really prefer to dont do it at all

                      got better things to do

                      i think with all those situations like trying to being "political correct" or so we miss the point which was in the start to discuss the hand in question

                      spades 8)


                      • #12

                        Am I in your black book? I'm dying to know what it says.

                        On the Subject of this post (the play of AA) - the holder (who shall remain nameless - hehe) re-raised the UTG raiser - just by a somewhat small amount. Not as aggressive as many would play it, but not as dangerous as a slowplay call. What interests me about this hand was the post flop betting. here is where I have my own problems - do you put the UTG raiser - who now re-raises a large postflop bet onto a set or strait??? I always find it hard to fold AA - but here I very well may have let them go thinking that I was facing a set or a strait.

                        On the subject of whether to use real names (as if our pokerschool names were our primary identity) when discussing hands - I am somewhat torn. If the criticism is constructive - well why not use real names? But, where the criticism is unsolicited (whether constructive or not - feathers are going to get ruffled). So in the interests of overall harmony, I have to go with Ironside and say it is best to not identify specific persons. We all learn just as much reviewing the hand when it is player 1, player 2 etc.

                        I still want to know what Ironside has in his book about me though.


                        • #13
                          my opinion and reasoning on slowplaying aces: i personally think that aces should almost never, ever be slowplayed. i think they have to be played aggressively.

                          in the hand that was mentioned, the raising was only done in 2 times increments. most people do not respect that size of a raise, especially early in a tournament that starts with 10k in chips. when holding aces, you have to amke people pay to play their hand. here is an example: lets say i am in the big blind, and i hold J/10 offsuit. no matter what position it comes from, if someone raises just 1 times the blind, i will most likely give action. now the flop comes down 10/2/J rainbow. if i bet into you, what are you going to do?
                          call?( i think if you hold aces and go into calling mode, especially in a no limit game, you are playing very weak) so do you fold?(it is awefully hard to fold an overpair, especially aces, to a bet) or do you raise?( it is awefully hard to raise when you have no idea where you stand in a hand)

                          and knowing where you stand, is exactly what your raise preflop is meant to do for you, other than limit the field. if you are first in, then raise a little more than the pot, but if someone has entered the pot with a small raise, raise at least the pot, and see what they do. they could have been on a steal attempt, or they could have a hand that they are willing tio go all in with preflop, which is exactly what i want to do with my aces. the only hands that will reasonably come over the top of you are going to be KK, QQ, maybe AK suited, and some people may even reraise with JJ. you are a huge favorite over any of these hands. if you just limp in, or let them in very cheap, then you are allowing them to beat you. you want to have control here, and you cant have control if you have no clue as to what they are holding.

                          the internet makes it very difficult to read people! the only way that we can do this, is through the betting sequences. i just cant stress enough the importance of not allowing people in cheap when you hold aces. i have won many more monster pots when people have tried to trap me while they had aces. they have just limped in or doubled the blind, and i have seen many flops holding far less than premium hands, but catch a great flop. then they proceed to raise all in after the flop. well, unless they flop a set, all they have is top pair, which is a strong underdog to 2 pair. if they would have raised preflop with at least a pot sized or 4 times the blind sized raise, most players wont gamble with junk. if all you get is the blinds, be happy with it, it is better than losing to a 67 offsuit and complaining about it. someone had ance said, the only thing aces are good for is winning small pots, or losing large ones. be happy with the small pots, and be even happier if someone makes a play back at you!

                          the only place i think that aces could be slowplayed, is in heads up play. that is only because, there are no other players to eliminate the field, only 2 of you. you want to make money off the hand, so you hope they either bluff at you preflop, or they hit a middle pair on the flop or a draw, but then you make them pay to continue on wih the hand.i dont know if this advice is correct, just the way i think about playing of luck at the tables, and dont forget to RAISE!!!!!!!!!

                          jmuzzey lsogc


                          • #14
                            Originally posted by dreams32097
                            the white chocolate has been melted...
                            I consider white chocolate anti-chocolate, underserving of the word chocolate in its description...

                            How's that for poker related content.


                            • #15
                              I slow play Aces all the time and find it to be a positive ev play. Sure, every once in a while someone flops big and busts me but more often than not, I'm the one doubling up.

                              That said, I would have raised with the AA in the instant case, probably to 1500 or so. With a lot of action front of you, you do no slow play the AA. Postflop I have no problem with the play.

                              As for the other BS, the Diet Dr. Pepper has been spilled...



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