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  • Poker leaks

    hi so this might sound wierd four some peaple but it is a problem 4 me and maybe some others .e
    Everytime im playing in a tourney and make it high in it i start getting like excited and shaky ect... 4 exapmle i was playing the micro milloins main event and made it to 437th place i think or 537th but i cashed fer 205 bucks and when i was there i got shaky and excitted and nervoius and it makes me play differnt like i hade the second biggest stack at my table 1.4 mill and the other guy hade 2.1 mill he raises middle position and i reraise all in small blind he calls he beats my aq with his qeens now if i was playing good not being nervouse i just woulda called hime and seen a flope this is also at cash games so whuts the best thing to do to fix these leaks should i look up bubble play ? and whut else is better holdem manager or traker i donnu whut idd do if io woulda made the final table at the main event i woulda hade a hardatack lol well thx 4 ur time thx

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    hi luckflush, my answer to you is simple,if you are making cash ins i.t.m i would not be to worried about where i was finishing as long as i was finishing in the i.t.m.
    When you make it to the i.t.m places its time to relax your job is done and anything else then becomes a bonus,you do not have to win out right to be successfull,eventually though your luck will hold giving you that final table chance.
    Once i have made the money i relax and play it like a ladder type game holding off and going up the rungs,there is no need to chase first place that will come with the luck of the draw,set your self a target of making it to i.t.m then do not worry about the rest,it will come in time,do not chase the game and force things to happen its a sure way to failer.
    Down to your last blind if you have too, and if u have the ammount of chips you have played for you could easily fold your way to the top 50-100 and even may get tha luck needed to advance further hope this helps,stop thinking about first price and be happy of the achievment of making i.t.m then the results eventually will follow.


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      As a beginner, it is natural to get excited when you make a good finish. As time passes and you bank more cashes the excitement will wane somewhat.

      When you make it to the money, then it is time to focus on the main goal, a top three finish as that is where the real money is. I tend to do this by focusing on my stack versus the average stack. When I am well above average I tend to become aggressive against small stacks and wary of other big stacks. Chips are ammunition and you can use them as such in these situations. If I have a near average stack I try to play patient looking for opportunities and players I can exploit. When I am below average I ratchet up the aggression as I need to accumulate enough ammunition the make a major cash.

      Good decisions ftw!


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        While at the moment you might find the excitement and shakiness as a negative it is really a positive. We are all competitive by nature and when facing a new challenge our bodies naturally start pumping adrenaline. This same adrenaline, when controlled, will heighten the brains ability to make faster better and sharper decisions. It's getting you ready for the fight and in most cases will boost energy levels. Learn to control it! The next time you are in a situation where the heart starts to race and the palms of your hands get a little sweaty, take a couple of deep breathes and remind yourself that this is suppose to happen. Raiser umbup:



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