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  • What to play?

    Hey whats up guys, ive been playing poker once in a while since my youth but as i find myself studying math in college, i figured that playing poker could be a fun, relaxing way to get my head out of my studies. After going up and down for a few weeks, i ended up losing my entire bankroll (10$, not that bad lol).

    I decided to practice with play money, went through all the PSO courses and even read one of Phil Gordon's book.

    After reloading for an extra 10$, i thought that i would be able to get some succes in some very low stakes MTT/SNG tournaments, but i didnt. I lost it all, again.

    I took a little time away frome the game being way too frustrated to keep playing.

    About two weeks ago I started practicing even harder with play money/PSO skill league and actually, things started to click a little bit more. I dont win every single hand/tournament im involve in, but im able to get some succes, constantly.

    So now im thinking about adding some more money on my account by the end of school but heres my real question: WHAT SHOULD I PLAY?

    The 0.10$ SNG are only turbos and 3 minutes per level is pretty much playing loto with your chips. There are only two 0.10$ MTT a day and again, the levels last only 5 minutes. So, whats a good way to spend your bankroll if I am playing that kind of stakes?


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    Hi jagger02! Welcome to the forum. Here's a link that will help to get you familiar with everything that PSO has to offer. When I first started, I built my bankroll before black friday from zero. I started by playing the astronomer freerolls, then the dime turbos and the quarter ($100 added) tournies. The quarter MTT has great value due to the added $$. I also played a number of the quarter S&G's (45 or 90 player tournies). Hope this helps and good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Agree with John, with $10 I'd play the 45 man STT's for 25 cents along with the $50 added and $100 added MTT's. You should also earn your tickets for passing the core and STT quizzes and play the PSO freeroll.

      I'd also play any freerolls like the depositors one, it's not massive value but it's still free money. I'd stay away from freerolls that have 10,000 entrants and only pays 10 tickets to another freeroll, their really not worth playing.
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        the 10cent 360 man games are run as a sit n go but i'd stick with the 25 cent games for now.

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          If you're up to a real challenge, try the Cowboy Challenge for the 45-player or 90-player 25¢ games. Your bankroll would cover the initial cost and if you can win it, there is also a chance of getting an additional prize. Check it out in the Challenge Forum.


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            I have ten bucks also after going broke today again I payed 1 fpp for my stellar reward bonus. So I registered for a sattelite into the 5.50 1r 1a micro millions event for 1.10.

            After this im going to play .10c turbos and if you go into the sit and go tab and go to sattelites then go to events they have new sattelites for .15c with 9 players and top two are paid first place is 1$ second place is .25c you can unreg from the target event if it hasnt started already.

            But I think you can play .25c sngs and .10c sngs and build it up if your worried about busting your roll. or even limit holdem for .01/.02
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              If you dont want to deposit and dont want to lose any of yourdeposit play every single freeroll with cash prizes. Especially the 100k depositers freerolls. They are a donk fest but it is possible to make a deep run trust me I got second place last week. Definately worth it.
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                when i started playing i played sng's..lost my BR....reloaded and switched to cash games..that went better..switched back to sng's again and i went downhill. im just not a tourney succes comes from 6max cash and omaha.. i dont have a proper BR for those unfortunatly but it can not be helped. i buy in for 50bb instead of 100bb and now im really succesfull.. my 2 cents: try different games, get a ttracking software (PT3 and Holdem manager both have free trials) so you can acuratly track where you make the most money. watch the videos for the different formats and try confident you will find your wayumbup: ps: if you play limit cash games you wont need such a large BR, just remember that they dont fold a lot lol


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                  hey jagger, it seems like you are missing something in your strategy studies. Most of the books must be read a few times over, because everytime you read them you think to yourself ahh, i see, and then if you you read it again you will say it again. I would think that the first thing you should get down is the poker lingo which will help you understand thouroughly the books that you are reading. If you would like i have also followed some videos made from pokerstars players that are really interesting, you can watch them here good luck


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                    *** RIVER *** [Qc 4d Kc 7s] [Ah]
                    maz543: shows [Ts Js] (a straight, Ten to Ace)
                    Seat 4: tonyjayess mucked [Qs Kd]
                    any 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-10-J-Q-K
                    wins me the hand thats 42 outs
                    played about 5 tourneys so far and not won a hand yet
                    gonna put an icon on but there is no big fish



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