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  • Discouraged

    Hi I am new to the forums but would like some help. I am getting discouraged as I am not good at math at all but I am getting tired of playing play money poker and would like to start playing for real money but in low stakes like the micro SNG and some tournaments. I can figure my outs but when it comes to the math part of it for figuring out the pot odds and percentages that is were the problems start if I don’t have a calculator in front of me I am done.I feel like I am a ok player I play tight only playing good hands.I was wondering can someone who is not a great math person can they still play money games and still have a good chance at winning or should they just forget about it. I am doing the core course and understanding it except the math part. I am sorry for the length of my post but I do hope some one can give me some incite on my dilemma.
    Thank you

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    Hi marc.

    Learning poker just takes study and practice. If you flunked out of kindergarten, then maybe it`s not the game for you. But it is learnable to just about anyone, since the math isn`t horribly complex. Just keep studying, keep playing at the play money tables, and when you feel ready to move to real money games, give it a shot. If you end up feeling like real money games are too stressful, you can always move back to play money games and just go at it for fun.

    Welcome to the forum! If you need any help finding new resources to study, take a look at this link. And feel free to post any questions you have; there are lots of people to help!



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      Try fuzzy logic


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        Have to say there are lots of shortcuts for the math it does not have to be a dead on thing.

        Plus lots of tools to help you. Pokerstove is a free download tool where you can put in the hands or hand ranges and will get you a % change to win. Its more a tool you would use after the fact but can help you for next time.

        I would recommend
        a) buying a few good poker books
        b) Checking out the videos in the video libary here
        maybe start with this one where a live trainer looks at at PSO members play.

        or this one on math

        Hope this helps

        Grade b
        I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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          Hi marc There was all that math and stuff, but I could swear I wound up learning about odds and outs more with this picture book of scenarios: Like it gave examples of different types of flush draw boards, like they'll tell you: EG1) If you have JsTs, 8s9sAh <-- This flop is strong (because you have a straight draw, and flush draw, and straight flush draw, even if the villain has an A ... 15 outs or whatever) EG2) If you have AsKs, 8s9sQh <-- This flop is also good (because you have a flush draw and overs, even if the villain has a Q ... also like 15 outs or whatever) EG3) If you have 4s3s 8s9sAh <-- This flop is not so great (because all you have is the flush draw, and there's 3 overs ... only 9 outs or whatever) I found that easier to remember ... maybe others know of books that were similar? GL! umbup:


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            Originally posted by marc318 View Post
            Hi I am new to the forums but would like some help. I am getting discouraged as I am not good at math............. Thank you
            Hi Marc, Firstly, welcome to the forum, it's great to have you here as a member. If it's help you are looking for then you are in the right place. There are lots of great people here that will offer you good advice. Check out the link that Panicky has given you and have a good look around each different section of the site to see how they work. Don't get dis-couraged! As long as you give it your 100% best shot each time you sit down at the table that's all that can be expected. Expect to win! Keep records! This will be invaluable to you at a later date when you start to see what games are profitable for you and which ones are not. As for the maths, everyone starts somewhere. This will come in time. The best thing to do is to attend some of the Live Training sessions, study the courses and post as many questions and hands for analysis as you possibly can. Learn a little new each day/week and over time to will see yourself become a better player. Raiser umbup:

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              Thank you everyone for your feed back I am doing the core course and doing well I am getting 80% of the quizzes correct so I guess I am doing pretty good in that respect. I will keep plugging away at it once again thank you everyone for the reply's. I would also like too say it is nice too see so many people here that are very kind in there reply's no one puts people down in here and that is something special for sure
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                hi marc and welcome to pso
                i started on the play money tables also but did not like the calls so i tried the money games ,same calls here lol.ok my point is try the open league ,once you have passed the quizz,the league is not money but great learning tool,running the clock and patience,and take the time to learn to post hands in the anylizer section another great tool for getting great advice,and of course live training classes are fun and the vpps have been lowered to watch these are all great tools gl



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